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On PTSD Awareness Day, important help for veterans, military service members in search of better sleep

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Maandag, Junie 27, PTSD Awareness Day — and on every day of the year, for that matter — it's important for all Americans to recognize that up to 30% of service members experience some sort of post-traumatic stress f...

‘Duck Dynasty’ brothers dust off their metal detectors in search of hidden treasure in new Fox Nation series

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"It's good to be back," Jase said in the pilot episode that aired on Fox News Channel Sunday night. "We have a lot of people that supported us, and they liked watching us… the crowd spoke and we said, okay, let's do ...

Hollywood slayings leave man and woman dead, search on for gunman

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Die paar, both in their 20s, were found with gunshot wounds by Los Angeles police officers around 11:15 nm. in the heart of Hollywood, het die Los Angeles-polisiedepartement aan Fox News gesê. They received multiple 911 kal ...

Harmonie Montgomery: Extended family of missing girl not expecting ‘good outcomeas feds search home

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Authorities were seen removing evidence, including a refrigerator, from a home on Union Street in Manchester, where her dad and stepmother, Adam and his now-estranged wife Kayla Montgomery had lived. "We have been to...

Massachusetts polisie soek seun, 6, vermoedelik vermis naby rivier, nadat Kuswag soektog opskort

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Amesbury-polisie en twee burgerlikes het Donderdag die seun se 7-jarige suster en hul nou-oorlede ma opgespoor, wat glo verdrink het om haar kinders te red, as FOX 25 Boston het eers berig. Massachusetts Stat...

Wyoming authorities search for a suspect believed to have set an abortion clinic on fire

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Local and federal authorities are searching for a suspect who they believe intentionally set fire to an abortion clinic set to open in Casper, Wyoming, later this month. The suspected arson took place in the early m...

Maryland police search for suspect in brutal assault on senior citizen

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The attack occurred around 7:30 nm. op Junie 2 in a Beltsville residential parking lot, the Prince George's County Police Department said. In the surveillance video, a man in his 80s is seen standing next to a build...

Suspect held as Brazil steps up search for missing British journalist and researcher in remote Amazon

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Brazilian authorities said Wednesday they have detained a suspect in the case of a missing British journalist and indigenous affairs expert -- but are yet to establish whether the man was linked to their disappearan...

Search continues for pair missing in Amazon area known for illegal mining and drug trafficking routes

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São Paulo The families of a British journalist and a Brazilian indigenous affairs expert are calling on Brazilian authorities to intensify their search efforts for the pair, who went missing in a remote part of the B...

Homebuyers in Spring Branch, Texas, search for their ‘American Dream Home

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My aunt and uncle moved there years ago. They wanted to buy a ranch property and fill it with dogs, deer and Texas longhorn cattle. I asked them what's changed about the area since they moved there back in the '90s...

The search is on for a gun bill that can actually pass the Senate

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'N Weergawe van hierdie verhaal verskyn in CNN se What Matters nuusbrief. Om dit in u inkassie te kry, teken gratis hier in. Canada is moving in the direction of other developed countries that suffered mass shootings and lo...

Sports Illustrated Swim Search finalist Gigi Robinson on posing with chronic illness: ‘I’m embracing myself

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The social media influencer was chosen among thousands of submissions to be flown to the Dominican Republic and be photographed by acclaimed photographer Yu Tsai. The winner of the annual casting call will become a r...

NYC police search for man who allegedly slashed 41 tires around Manhattan

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The New York City Police Department said that the unidentified man committed "numerous acts of criminal mischief" by slashing the tires of approximately 41 cars on Tuesday. MANHUNT FOR BOYFRIEND OF NYPD CIVILIAN EMPL...

Search for home in Colorado is all about family: ‘Grateful for freedom

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Met 12 kinders, they wanted space, land, multiple bedrooms and multiple living areas that could handle all those family gatherings. This home search wasn’t about walls and plaster — it was about a family legacy.

State Department offers $10 million reward in search for Russian hackers

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The cybercriminals work for the Main Intelligence Directorate of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, or the GRU. They are part of the GRU’s Unit 74455 – also known as Sandworm Team, Tele...

Texas search for missing National Guard soldier called off for night

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A spokesperson for the Military Department said that the river's strength has forced the rescue operation to cease overnight. The incident happened at Eagle Pass while the guard member was attempting to rescue migran...

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