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O’Reilly scores with 2 seconds left in OT, Blues beat Wild

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Mike Hoffman scored twice for the Blues, tying it with 41.6 seconds left in regulation after the Blues pulled goalie Ville Husso. CLICCA QUI PER MAGGIORE COPERTURA SPORTIVA . O’Reilly skated around the net and muscled a sh...

George Floyd’s supporters kneel for 8 minuti, 46 seconds ahead of Derek Chauvin trial

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George Floyd's family, attorneys and supporters knelt for 8 minuti e 46 seconds on Monday to mark the final moments of Floyd's life ahead of opening arguments in the trial of the former Minneapolis police officer...

Man fined $3,500 for breaking Taiwan coronavirus quarantine for 8 secondi

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Taiwanese authorities have slapped a $ 3,500 fine on a man who broke quarantine regulations for just eight seconds. L'uomo, a migrant worker from the Philippines, was quarantining in a hotel in Kaohsiung City when...

78 secondi che ti faranno davvero sentire bene con la politica

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La fine di una campagna presidenziale è sempre una brutta cosa. Volendo non lanciare nessun attacco politico, entrambe le parti tendono a far cadere quanta più ricerca sull'opposizione possibile sul loro avversario prima che gli elettori g ...

CNN Correspondent Joe Johns fought off a raccoon seconds before returning to a ‘New Daylive shot

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While there are not really normal days in Washington anymore, CNN Senior Washington Correspondent Joe Johns had a little more excitement added to his day, thanks to a raccoon. Johns said that he and the raccoon hav...

63 seconds that shows why Trump politicizing mask-wearing is so, so destructive

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Thousands of people flocked to Freeland, Michigan, Thursday night to hear President Donald Trump make the case for why he deserves a second term in office. Very few among those thousands wore a mask. Which prompted ...