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7 secrets hackers don’t want you to know

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Think I'm dramatic? En 2020, Americans reported more than 2.2 million fraud cases to the FTC, with nearly $ 3.3 billion in losses. Cybercrime pays big time. Just look at the $ 5 million Colonial Pipeline recently p...

Patrick Novecosky: Pope John Paul II assassination attempt – the secrets behind shooting 40 hace años que

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It was May 13, 1981. Cold War tensions were at their height. The shooting was even more shocking because only six weeks earlier John Hinckley Jr. had tried to kill President Ronald Reagan, critically wounding the 40t...

Caitlyn Jenner le dice a "Hannity’ Bruce no habría podido postularse para gobernador: "Tenía demasiados secretos’

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En su primera entrevista televisada desde que anunció su candidatura a gobernadora de California, Jenner detalló su batalla de años con la disforia de género y reveló por qué decidió que es el momento adecuado para ponerse el sombrero ...

Armie Hammer’s Aunt Casey Hammer plans to share family secrets in upcoming docuseries

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Casey Hammer, who is also the granddaughter of Armand Hammer, has reportedly signed an exclusive deal with Talos Films, a production company whose slate of projects have appeared on HBO Max and Disney+ among other st...

Supreme Court takes up state secrets dispute involving Guantanamo detainee

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Washington The Supreme Court agreed on Monday to take up a case concerning Abu Zubaydah, an associate of Osama bin Laden, who is currently housed in Guantanamo Bay and whose lawyers are attempting to obtain classifie...

Chernobyl: Inside the site, historia, and secrets of the nuclear disaster 35 años después

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A 1:23 am on April 26, 1986, the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant - located in the Soviet Republic of Ukraine and considered to have been the pride of the Soviet Union - began what was supposed to be a routine safety t...

Jonathan Pollard, spy who passed US secrets to Israel, arrives in Jewish state to start new life

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Tel Aviv Convicted spy Jonathan Pollard arrived in Israel from the United States on Wednesday, more than three decades after he was jailed for passing secrets to the state. The US Justice Department ended Pollard's ...

The secrets of couples thriving right now in the pandemic

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Before the pandemic, S. Nicole Lane said that much of her time with her boyfriend was spent going out, dancing and drinking. "We both work pretty demanding jobs, so our days off were spent in a whirlwind," she said....