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In memoir, Hunter Biden’s ex-wife reveals how she learned about affair with sister-in-law: ‘No more secrets

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According to an excerpt of Buhle's book, her daughters discovered text messages on their father's phone with Hallie Biden, Beau's widow. Buhle drove to their therapist's house after receiving a distressed call from o...

Fox Nation celebrates Memorial Day with two new series revealing secrets, lost ships of WWII

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"Lost Ships of WWII" y "Secrets of WWII" bring pieces of history to the fore just in time to honor Americans who have fallen in the line of duty by recounting the stories and sacrifices of heroic service members wh...

Jaclyn Smith, estrella de "Los ángeles de Charlie", 76, desvela los secretos de las fotos juveniles virales

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La actriz es reconocida por los fans por interpretar a Kelly Garrett en la exitosa serie de los 70 "Los ángeles de Charlie," que también protagonizó Farrah Fawcett y Kate Jackson. Continuó interpretando a Jackie Kennedy Onassis en una 1981 película ser...

Unique cooking and kitchen secrets from moms in honor of Mother’s Day

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That’s why Fox News Digital gathered food and kitchen management tips from real-life moms who have a passion for bringing families together with delicious meals. MOTHER'S DAY GIFT IDEAS FOR 2022 Here are eight tried...

A debut novel about female friendship and family secrets, y 4 other books to add to your reading list

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Books linked here are chosen independently by CNN+ news staff. CNN+ may receive a commission for any purchases made through these links. The following is an excerpt from this week's "Jake Tapper's Book Club" newslett...

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Secretos de la relación del Día de San Valentín de Dan Bongino y su esposa, [object Window]

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Joe Burrow le regala a Kid Cudi una camiseta del Juego de Campeonato de la AFC 2022 [object Window]: [object Window], [object Window].

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‘Fox and Friends Weekendshares home improvement secrets as supply chain issues continue

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Hablando en "zorro & Fin de semana de amigos" se centra en la pandemia y la frustración de los padres de que tomó demasiado tiempo reabrir las escuelas y mantenerlas abiertas. 5, 2022, DIY expert Chip Wade shared ideas and products we can use and buy right now to spruce up our homes or apartments in time for spring. Here are some key tips fo...

‘Secrets of Playboydirector explains why she filmed documentary now: ‘These women need to be heard

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Alexandra Dean’s 10-part docuseries for A&mi, "Docuserie de Playboy Hugh Hefner arroja luz sobre el libertinaje," aims to look at the brand’s complicated legacy and its founder Hugh Hefner, quien murió en 2017 a la edad 91. It features new interviews with numerous ...

Playboy Bunny Danielle Lupo defends Hugh Hefner, says Hefner’s son is ‘hurt’ by ‘Secrets of Playboy’ doc

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The magazine publisher has been the subject of A&E’s explosive 10-part docuseries, "[object Window]" It features new interviews with numerous members of Hefner’s staff and inner circle, as well as past girlfr...

Top US spy warns too many government secrets harms national security

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Over-classification of government secrets both undermines national security by blocking the intelligence community's ability to share critical information and "erodes the basic trust that our citizens have in their ...

Denmark’s former defense minister charged with leaking state secrets

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Denmark's former defense minister has been charged with leaking state secrets, he said in a statement Friday. It's unclear exactly what Claus Hjort Frederiksen, a current opposition lawmaker, said or revealed -- o...

7 secrets to improve your relationship in the new year

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"If you want to have a successful and happy relationship with your partner, it is fundamental to establish healthy communication," says Lin Sternlicht, a therapist and co-founder of Family Addiction Specialist, based...

10 secrets for working out in 2022, according to personal trainers

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Garret Seacat stresses the importance of asking yourself the "por qué" when it comes to devoting yourself to a fitness routine — and not just once. "Find the root motivation for what you are doing. It will be hard to sta...

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