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Biden warns mounted Border Patrol agents charging migrants in Del Rio sector: ‘Those people will pay

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The president said Border Patrol agents were victimizing migrants: "Horses run them over, people being strapped." Egter, critics have pointed out the agents were holding onto reins to control the horses, not whips ...

Mayorkas jaag na die grenssektor van Texas, oorweldig deur migrante, 'uitdagende situasie' erken’

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Volgens die departement van binnelandse veiligheid, Mayorkas sal vergader met "staats- en plaaslike vennote" om die situasie aan te spreek, waarin duisende oorwegend Haïtiaanse migrante die grens oorstroom. Baie het s...

House lawmakers release early details of program that would overhaul electricity sector and slash fossil fuel emissions

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Lawmakers in the House released early details of a clean electricity program Thursday, which Democrats say would slash fossil fuel emissions by moving the US electric grid to 80% clean energy, like solar and wind. ...

Kamala Harris to visit southern border Friday in wake of ongoing crisis; Big Bend sector chief weighs in

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SEAN MCGOFFIN: The vice president isn't going to visit Big Ben sector, but I can tell you as a fellow chief along the southwest border and throughout the Border Patrol, we're always happy to have anybody to come down...

Border Patrol agents see 3,166% increase in convicted sex offender arrests in Del Rio Sector

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The agency said that since Oct. 1, the beginning of Fiscal Year 2021, agents in the sector have arrested 95 convicted sex offenders -- making a 3,166% increase over the same timeframe last fiscal year. MAYORKAS DEFEN...

CBP’s Big Bend Sector harnesses tech to fight illegal border activity

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Big Bend is one of CBP's biggest sectors, bedekking 165,154 square miles over 77 Texas counties and the entire state of Oklahoma. It is responsible for patrolling 517 miles along the Rio Grande, which is the internati...

US imposes sweeping new sanctions on Iran’s financial sector

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Washington The US unilaterally imposed sweeping sanctions on Iran's financial sector in a move that critics say could have unintended consequences, including a detrimental impact on the ability of the Iranian people ...