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US seeks to pressure Russia into nuclear weapons treaty concessions before election

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Washington The Trump administration is threatening Russia that they could increase the cost of extending the one remaining nuclear weapons treaty between the two countries if Moscow does not commit to meeting US dema...

Trump and McConnell’s marriage of convenience seeks its ultimate prize

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No one would ever say that the political marriage between Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and President Donald Trump is a match made in heaven. It's nothing like that, and nothing near love. It's more an arr...

Trump poog om die stem te delegitimeer, selfs al sê sy veldtog dat wiskunde sy pad sal draai

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Washington Die oggend nadat hy dit vanuit die White House East Room verklaar het "alle stemming moet stop," President Donald Trump se strategie om die Demokratiese proses te ondermyn, het skerper gefokus, selfs al is dit f ...

President-elect Joe Biden seeks to unite nation with victory speech

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President-elect Joe Biden will speak to a deeply divided nation tonight, making a plea for unity and understanding after four years of turmoil and conflict fomented by President Donald Trump, who showed no indicatio...

Capitol riot tears GOP apart as it seeks a return to power in 2022

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Florida Republican Sen. Rick Scott, the new chair of the National Republican Senatorial Committee, defended President Donald Trump on Wednesday when asked if his ally bore any responsibility for inciting a riot at t...

Biden seeks to intensify public lobbying for Covid-19 relief bill amid the pandemic

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When President Joe Biden intensifies his attention next week to selling Republicans and Democrats on his coronavirus relief bill, he won't be relying on some of the presidency's most symbolic powers. Out, vir nou, a ...

A proposed law in California seeks to ban NDAs that prevent workers from speaking up about discrimination and abuse

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A California state legislator has introduced a bill aimed at empowering more workers to speak up about alleged discrimination and abuse by banning certain provisions in confidentiality agreements. Staats Sen.. Connie ...

T.I. en Tiny ontken bewerings oor seksuele aanranding, aangesien die prokureur dit ondersoek

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'N Prokureur vra twee state om die rapper Clifford te ondersoek "T.I." Harris en sy vrou, sangeres Tameka "Klein" Harris, in die nasleep van seksuele aanranding en mishandeling en ander bewerings wat die egpaar ontken het. Prokureur ...