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California’s Democratic politicians can’t seem to follow their own coronavirus advice

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California is in the midst of a major coronavirus surge. According to the Los Angeles Times, the state has averaged more than 14,000 cases a day for the last week, a 55.6% increase. Hospitalizations are at a record ...

Donald Trump doesn’t seem to want to do his job anymore

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President Donald Trump lost the presidential election 10 days ago. Sedertdien, he's done next to nothing -- at least publicly -- to suggest he plans to continue doing the job in any serious manner through January 20...

Hannity slaat Georgië se GOP-goewerneur af, staatsekretaris oor hervertelling van 'dekreet': Hulle 'lyk heeltemal clueless’

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sluit Video Hannity ontplof 'clueless' Ga. amptenare oor vertel van 'toestemmingsbesluit' Sean Hannity beskryf Dominion Voting Systems as verdagte in die opening van die monoloog van Fox News, Sean Hannity, het twee topgeo-kritici gekritiseer..

MSNBC se Maddow, Dit lyk asof Hayes vir Jeffrey Toobin van CNN lag

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close Video CNN pundit Jeffrey Toobin on leave amid disturbing sex scandal Fox News senior correspondent Rick Leventhal has the latest on 'Hannity.' MSNBC hosts Rachel Maddow and Chris Hayes appeared to share a...

Judge Napolitano predicts mail-in voting issues will make Florida recount ‘seem like child’s play’

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close Video Biden campaign preps for election-related court battles Should we expect a contested election? Fox News senior judicial analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano weighs in. Die 2000 election dispute in Florid...