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Grammy 2022 [object Window]: [object Window]

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Hubble sees most distant star ever, 28 billion light-years away

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Iscriviti alla newsletter scientifica di Wonder Theory della CNN. Esplora l'universo con notizie su scoperte affascinanti, progressi scientifici e altro. The Hubble Space Telescope has glimpsed the most distant single star ...

One in five South Koreans have had Covid, as latest wave sees deaths surge

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South Korea's latest Covid-19 wave has pushed the country's total infections past 10 million since the pandemic began, as funeral homes struggle to keep up with a sudden surge in deaths. Cases began rising in Februa...

Shanghai Disney closes as city sees record surge in Covid cases

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ShanghaiChina's financial hub of Shanghai reported on Monday a record daily surge in local Covid-19 infections as authorities scrambled to test residents and rein in the Omicron variant, while closing its Disney (DIS...

Trump says Biden is letting ‘radical climate extremists run our countryas US sees record-high gas prices

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"Energy prices are skyrocketing — they are going to infinity, all because of Joe Biden," Trump told Fox News. Americans are experiencing the highest gas prices since the 2007-09 crisi finanziaria, with the national g...

Gen. Kellogg: [object Window]’

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Gen. Keane warns Russia’s war on Ukraine will embolden China: ‘What Xi sees is weakness

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RUSSIA INVADES UKRAINE IN LARGEST EUROPEAN ATTACK SINCE WWII GEN. JACK KEANE: The military objective is pretty clear, and that is his operational commanders have been assigned an objective to defeat the Ukraine milit...

Lindsey Graham: Putin sees Neville Chamberlain when he looks at Joe Biden

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MIKE POMPEO ON 'AMERICA'S NEWSROOM': PUTIN SEES 'GREEN LIGHT' FROM BIDEN ADMIN ON UKRAINE LINDSEY GRAHAM: It’s turned out terrible for the people of Ukraine because when Putin looks at Biden, he sees Neville Chamberl...

Mike Pompeo on ‘America’s Newsroom’: Putin sees ‘green lightfrom Biden admin on Ukraine

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GINGRICH BLASTS BIDEN FOR FOLLOWING ‘OBAMA MODEL’ OF WEAKNESS TOWARD RUSSIA MIKE POMPEO: Bene, we stopped him with an idea that said the United States is going to protect the things that matter, this is the very conc...

Sprinter Sha’Carri Richardson sees double standard in handling of Kamila Valieva case

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BeijingSprinter Sha'Carri Richardson questioned why Russian figure skater Kamila Valieva was allowed to continue competing at the Beijing Games amid a doping charge on Monday, months after a positive test for cannabi...

Ervin ha quindi sparato a uno spettatore che ha cercato di aiutare l'ufficiale: 24-Ervin ha quindi sparato a uno spettatore che ha cercato di aiutare l'ufficiale 13 Ervin ha quindi sparato a uno spettatore che ha cercato di aiutare l'ufficiale, 2 fatalmente

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"Ervin ha quindi sparato a uno spettatore che ha cercato di aiutare l'ufficiale," Ervin ha quindi sparato a uno spettatore che ha cercato di aiutare l'ufficiale, Ervin ha quindi sparato a uno spettatore che ha cercato di aiutare l'ufficiale, ha detto a Fox News Digital. "[W]Ervin ha quindi sparato a uno spettatore che ha cercato di aiutare l'ufficiale, un...

Black FedEx driver allegedly shot at by White father and son says he sees similarities with Ahmaud Arbery case

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A Black FedEx driver who says he was shot at by a White father and son while delivering packages in Mississippi "can definitely see the similarities" between his case and that of Ahmaud Arbery, the Black man who was...

Punxsutawney Phil sees his shadow — 6 more weeks of winter loom

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Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow Wednesday, meaning that if you believe in a groundhog's ability to predict the weather -- we're in for six more weeks of winter. Phil and his friends at Gobbler's Knob in Punxsutawne...

White House still eager for talks with North Korea, but sees missile tests as destabilizing

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A string of provocations from North Korea -- including its most powerful ballistic missile test in years over the weekend -- could be designed to extract concessions from the United States ahead of potential negotia...

Il negozio di armi di Chicago vede le vendite alle stelle dopo il blocco, picchi di criminalità

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Dan Eldridge, il proprietario di Maxon Shooter's Supplies e Indoor Range a Des Plaines, Illinois - situato appena 20 minuti fuori Chicago - ha detto a Fox News che il suo negozio aveva visto più di un 200% aumento della vendita di armi da fuoco...

COVID-19 claims youngest victim in Los Angeles as county sees near-record number of deaths in single day

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Volpe 11 Los Angeles reported that there were an additional 90 new fatalities, bringing the pandemic’s death toll in the county to 28,630. Healthcare worker go car to car at a drive-through COVID19 testing fa...