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Vaccines sell out in Pakistan as the private market opens, raising concerns of inequality

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Pakistan is in a tight spot: Covid-19 cases are surging during a third wave, hospital beds are filling up, and the government vaccination program is progressing slowly due to delayed deliveries and limited supplies....

Pitchman Pete: Buttigieg steps into the spotlight to sell Biden’s infrastructure plan

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It isn't every day that Republican Rep. Sam Graves picks up his cell phone and hears from a Cabinet secretary -- let alone a Democrat. But the conservative Missouri congressman who serves as ranking member of the Ho...

Texas Rangers sell over 38,000 tickets to home opener, marking one of the first full-capacity sporting events in a year

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The Texas Rangers welcomed a crowd of at least 38,000 fans to Globe Life Field in Arlington Monday for the team's home opener against the Toronto Blue Jays The game marked one of the first full-capacity sporting eve...

DNC launches billboard blitz to sell Biden’s $1.9T coronavirus relief law

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The DNC will unveil billboards Monday in 20 states to thank Biden and Democratic senators for approving $ 1,400 stimulus tjeks. The monthlong ad campaign, targeted for high-traffic areas near airports, will also re...

DNC loods nuwe advertensieveldtog terwyl Biden en Demokrate die Covid-rekening aan Amerikaners wil verkoop

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Washington Die Demokratiese Nasionale Komitee, in samewerking met die Biden Withuis, sal 'n omvattende poging begin om die nuut ondertekende hulpverleningspakket Covid-19 aan 'n politiek verdeelde Amerikaanse volk te verkoop..

Biden beplan media en reisblits om noodlenigings te verkoop — en maak die voordele permanent

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Washington Na die ondertekening van 'n massiewe maar tydelike uitbreiding van die sosiale veiligheidsnet in die wet, President Joe Biden sal Amerikaners oortuig dat dit die voordele daarvan het -- wat neerkom op 'n dramatiese reshapin ...

‘Consider chemical hazardsin the baby foods you sell, FDA warns manufacturers

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All baby food manufacturers must consider toxic chemicals when they test their baby food for potential hazards, the US Food and Drug Administration said Friday. "We appreciate your attention to your obligation to co...

Grubhub has partnered with the Girl Scouts to help safely sell cookies and teach entrepreneurship

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With the continuation of the pandemic, the Girl Scouts of America (GSUSA) is getting creative for cookie season. Besides safe in-person sales, the beloved cookies will be sold online for a second year and, for the f...

New York’s governor wants to make it a crime to sell or administer Covid-19 vaccines to people trying to skip the line

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New York New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo wants to make it a crime to sell or administer the Covid-19 vaccine to anyone trying to skip ahead in the line. The governor said in a news conference Monday that any entity misrep...

Senior amptenare op pad om Trump se 'wet-en-orde' te verkoop’ veldtogboodskap

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In die aanloop tot die presidentsverkiesing, Prokureur-generaal William Barr en waarnemende minister van Binnelandse Veiligheid, Chad Wolf, het deur die land gereis om die regering se prestasies te beklemtoon., p ...

BYU-Idaho warns students against intentionally contracting Covid-19 to sell their plasma

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Officials at Brigham Young University-Idaho are warning students against intentionally contracting Covid-19 in order to sell plasma that contains antibodies. The university in Rexburg said Monday it was "deeply tr...

An elementary cheerleading league was asked to sell raffle tickets for a semi-automatic rifle

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An elementary school cheerleading league is facing criticism after asking students to sell raffle tickets for a semi-automatic rifle. Heather Chilton said her 7-year-old daughter was asked to sell tickets for an AM-...

The Doobie Brothers aren’t happy that Bill Murray is using their song to sell ‘uglygolf shirts

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The Doobie Brothers claim actor Bill Murray has been using one of their songs without permission to sell "ugly" golf shirts and they want the actor to pay up. In a Wednesday letter to Murray and William Murray Golf ...

When these parents couldn’t find children’s books with strong Black characters, they created a pop-up store to sell them

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A family in North Carolina created a pop-up store that sells children's books featuring main characters who are Black to counter the lack of diversity in literature. The idea was born in 2019 when 8-year-old Langsto...