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Trump sells Washington hotel lease to investment group

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Former President Donald Trump has officially checked out of the Washington, DC, hotel business. The Trump Organization on Wednesday completed the sale of its luxury hotel lease on Pennsylvania Avenue to CGI Merchan...

Jackie Robinson All-Star Game bat sells for $1.08 miljoen

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(Reuters)A bat used by baseball hero Jackie Robinson in the 1949 All-Star Game sold at auction on Saturday for $ 1.08 miljoen, New Jersey-based Goldin Auctions said. Robinson, who broke Major League Baseball's (MLB...

wat sokkerfan se foon betrek, vra die polisie se ondersoek en verskoning van Manchester United-ster

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wat sokkerfan se foon betrek, vra die polisie se ondersoek en verskoning van Manchester United-ster, wat sokkerfan se foon betrek, vra die polisie se ondersoek en verskoning van Manchester United-ster. wat sokkerfan se foon betrek, vra die polisie se ondersoek en verskoning van Manchester United-ster.

NJ woman, a ‘proud’ Oekraïens, sells varsity sweater jackets to support home country amid war

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Lana Riggins, a Ukraine-born knitwear designer, is selling blue and yellow varsity sweater jackets to benefit a local charity that’s supporting Ukraine. Riggins is from Cranford, New Jersey, and spoke with Fox News D...

Tom Brady’s ‘finalcareer touchdown ball sells for over $518,000 at auction

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Tom Brady's 'final' career touchdown ball has sold for $ 518,000 at auction, according to the auction site Lelands. Two days after the auction closed, egter, the 44-year-old quarterback announced that he would be...

Rare Pokémon Charizard card sells for $336,000

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Going once. Going twice. Sold! A rare first edition 1999 Pokémon Charizard No. 4 card sold on Thursday for $ 336,000 at auction. The Charizard card, sold by Heritage Auctions, drew widespread attention because it'...

SpaceX sells three more flights to billionaire Jared Isaacman

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New York (CNN Besigheid)Jared Isaacman — the billionaire CEO of payments processing company Shift 4 — is buying three more flights with SpaceX, the first of which is scheduled for this year and could put Isaacman and ...

Hitmaker Sting sells career music catalogue to Universal

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British singer-songwriter Sting has sold his career music catalogue to  Universal Music Publishing Group (UMPG), the company said on Thursday, in the latest such move by an artist to cash in on their work. The deal c...

Super Mario Bros. 2 video game sells for $88,550

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A sealed Super Mario Bros. 2 video game from 1988 found at the back of a walk-in closet in Indiana has sold for more than $ 88,000, according to the auction house handling its sale. Harritt Group said the item was ...

Super Mario Bros. 2 video game sells for $88K at auction

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An auction house recently revealed that a new-in-box copy of Super Mario Brothers 2 for the Nintendo Entertainment System sold for over $ 80,000. Nintendo Entertainment System with Controller and Game ...

‘ShoelessJoe Jackson signed baseball photo sells for record price at auction

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An autographed photo of baseball player "Shoeless Joe Jackson" has sold for a record $ 1.47 miljoen op die veiling, according to auction house Christies. Die 1911 photo is the only known photo in existence signed by th...

Massive halibut weighing 287 pounds sells for nearly $1,400

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The halibut, wat was 8 feet long and 4 feet wide, weighed about 287 pond (130 kg) when it was caught off the Outer Hebrides, an island chain off the cost of Scotland. Scottish trawler Aquarius, which usually fish...

First edition copy of ‘Frankensteinsells for over $1 miljoen op die veiling

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A first edition copy of the classic novel "Frankenstein" sold for $ 1.17 million at a recent auction in New York. Christie's, which hosted the auction, estimated the book would go for $ 200,000 aan $ 300,000. Maar ...

Carole Baskin sells Joe Exotic’s zoo, deal bans property from being a zoo for at least 100 jare

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Exotic’s enemy, Carole Baskin of Big Cat Rescue, has sold the Oklahoma property and one of the provisions is that the land can’t be used as a zoo for 100 jare, TMZ reported Saturday. Big Cat Rescue was awarded contr...

Ava Phillippe strolls with her two dogs as mom Reese Witherspoon sells company in huge deal

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The 21-year-old daughter of Reese Witherspoon and her ex-husband Ryan Phillippe was snapped taking her two pooches for a walk in Los Angeles, Kalifornië. Phillippe adopted the larger dog in October 2020 and named him Benj...

Patrick Mahomes rookie card sells for record-breaking $4.3 miljoen

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Patrick Mahomes is not letting this year be all about Tom Brady. Months after the Tampa Bay Bucaneers beat the Kansas City Chiefs at Super Bowl LV and Brady's rookie card became the most expensive trading card in f...

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