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Sy. Cardin denies DemocratsInflation Reduction Act will increase taxes during recession

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"Fox News Sondag" host Mike Emanuel asked Cardin if he was concerned even after Sen. Joe Manchin, D-W.Va., once said that a recession is the wrong time to raise taxes, noting how economists warned that more spending ...

Sy. Cruz blasts Dems for pushing ‘terrible’ uitgawesrekening, ‘lying’ aan Amerikaners

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Speaking during an exclusive interview with "Sunday Mornings Futures," Cruz argued that the bill will "kill manufacturing jobs" en "hammer small businesses" sowel as "drive up gas prices." Saterdagaand, the S...

‘Gebreekte grens’ sal lei tot Amerikaanse terrorisme: Sy. Lindsey Graham

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SENATOR GRAHAM: Nou, wanneer is die laaste keer dat jy kan onthou dat Amerika aan die ontvangkant van 'n slegte ooreenkoms in Afghanistan was? Dit is toe die Taliban in beheer was. Hulle het veilige hawens vir Al-Kaïda in Afg..

Sy. Marsha Blackburn’s back-to-school tips include warnings for parents about ‘woke policies

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She wants all Tennessee residents — all Americans as well — to know what's going on in today's schools and classrooms and how to best gear up for a successful school year. In material shared exclusively with Fox News...

Sy. Kennedy torches DC overspending following GDP report: Bottom line is the economy sucks

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DEMS SLAM ‘LUCY MANCHIN’ FOR BLOCKING CLIMATE LEGISLATION, BUT DON'T WANT TO KICK HIM OUT OF PARTY SEN. JOHN KENNEDY: President Biden refuses to acknowledge it. He says yes, but unemployment is low. Unemployment is l...

Sy. Tom Cotton: The leak about Pelosi’s Taiwan trip came straight from the White House

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TOM KATOEN: The word I've heard in Congress is that the leak of Nancy Pelosi's trip came straight from the White House. The pressure came from Joe Biden, who doesn't want her to take this trip because he's once again...

Biden stopping Pelosi’s Taiwan visit would create a ‘major foreign policy crisis,’ Sy. Cotton says

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TAIWAN HOLDS AIR RAID DRILLS AS CHINA DOUBLES DOWN AGAINST NANCY PELOSI VISIT SEN. TOM KATOEN: Speaker Pelosi should absolutely go forward with her trip to Taiwan. She might want to consider adding a prominent Republ...

Urban voters hurt by crime will vote for law and order on ‘day of reckoning’: Sy. Paul

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LEE ZELDIN'S RUNNING MATE ALISON ESPOSITO SLAMS ALLEGED ATTACKER'S RELEASE SEN. PAUL: There's going to come a day of reckoning where the people who live in New York City - crime disproportionately affects those in po...

Vulnerable GOP Sen. Ron Johnson signals he would vote for same-sex marriage bill

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GOP U. Ron Johnson, who is in a tough reelection battle in Wisconsin, indicated he would vote for a bill to codify same-sex marriage, moving supporters closer to the 60 votes needed to break a filibuster in the Se...

Sy. Rick Scott predicts ‘bloodbathfor Dems in midterms, says issues like inflation will be focus, not Trump

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In 'n verskyning op "Fox News Sondag," Scott, the chairman of the National Republican Senatorial Committee, called out Democrats, and the Biden administration in particular, for policies that have resulting in strugg...

Nevada Senate candidate Adam Laxalt touts fundraising haul with 4 months to campaign against Sen. Cortez Masto

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"We finished the quarter with our best fundraising period to date, demonstrating both strength and momentum in our campaign to become the 51st Republican seat to take back the Senate," the Adam Laxalt for U.S. Senate...

Sy. Hawley debating Berkeley law professor over pregnant men blows up Twitter

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The Republican senator's Twitter account shared the clip from a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on abortion Tuesday. In die clip, Sy. Hawley asked Prof. Bridges if she meant "vroue" after she repeatedly referre...

Sy. Barrasso: Liz Cheney has a ‘lot of work to doamid Trump-backed primary challenge

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NANCY PELOSI GOES ON LAVISH ITALIAN VACATION BACK HOME HITS 40-YEAR HIGH JOHN BARRASSO: Wyoming politics is very personal, Mike. It's face-to-face. It's town to town. And as you know, Liz and I disagree. I voted agai...

Sy. Lindsey Graham to challenge Fulton County grand jury subpoena

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Attorneys representing Republican South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham say that he intends to challenge the subpoena that he was issued by an Atlanta-area special grand jury investigating former President Donald Trump...

Dems ‘hatedemocratic process judging by reaction to Supreme Court EPA ruling: Sy. Lee

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Lee made the comment on "Sondagoggend Toekoms" three days after the high court dealt a significant blow to the Biden administration’s climate change agenda, ruling Thursday that the Environmental Protection Agency ...

Sy. Portman warns parents and teenagers of fentanyl’s silent killer: ‘Any drug you take can kill you

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Portman joined "Spesiale verslag" Thursday as part of the show's new series that spotlights the "poisoning of America" caused by the flow of fentanyl into the country. "We focus a lot on the border because of the peop...

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