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‘40s star Carole Landis, seemingly forgotten today, ‘embodied a real sense of unity’ during WWII, author says

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The award-winning author recently wrote a book in partnership with Turner Classic Movies (TCM), "Hollywood Victory," which explores how the stars from the golden era of filmmaking supported American troops during Wor...

Does the Queen have a sense of humor?

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A version of this story appeared in the April 22 edition of CNN's Royal News, a weekly dispatch bringing you the inside track on Britain's royal family. Sign up here. London We so rarely see the Queen show emotio...

CNN panelist blasts Biden: Americans ‘have not had a sense of leadership’ since last summer

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CNN's latest poll puts Biden at a 39% approval rating, while recent Quinnipiac University polling revealed 33% of Americans approve of Biden's job performance compared to 54% who disapprove. "Inside Politics" panelis...

Rep. Green warns Biden admin against using veterans’ doctors at border: ‘Makes no sense at all’

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"We have heard the rumor, so to speak, that that’s the plan. … You can’t say you love America and hurt the men and women who were wounded in combat defending it. That makes no sense at all," Green told "Fox & Fri...

Pew poll: Being Black is central to sense of identity for most Black Americans

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Black adults in America are nearly 40 points more likely than the general population to say that their racial background is central to the way they think about themselves, according to a new poll from the Pew Resear...

Why Juwan Howard makes sense as Lakers’ next coach

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But why Howard, who spent six seasons as an assistant with the Miami Heat before taking over as the head coach of Michigan in 2019? Simple: After two consecutive disappointing seasons, including a 2021-22 campaign th...

Mitch McConnell’s answer on Trump 2024 makes zero sense

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On February 13, 2021, Mitch McConnell said this on the floor of the Senate about Donald Trump's actions on January 6: "Former President Trump's actions preceding the riot were a disgraceful dereliction of duty." And...

Tom Brady’s decision to unretire provided ‘sense of relief,’ Bucs GM says

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Licht revealed his reaction to Brady’s decision on Monday during a press conference announcing the re-signing of wide receiver Chris Godwin. Licht told reporters he was prepared for anything when it came to Brady’s d...

House Democrat calls out Biden admin over potential Iran deal: ‘Makes zero sense’

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IRAN NUCLEAR DEAL WOULD MAKE BIDEN 'THE BIGGEST FUNDER OF TERRORISM IN THE WORLD': REP. JIM BANKS JOSH GOTTHEIMER: My biggest concern is giving billions and billions of dollars and allowing the Iranians to suddenly s...

Trevor Noah mocks NYC vaccine rules allowing Kyrie Irving to attend games but not play: ‘Makes zero sense’

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During a segment on Monday's "The Daily Show," Noah mocked a recent instance in which the standards clashed at an NBA game between the New York Knicks and Brooklyn Nets. At the game, Nets star Kyrie Irving was only a...

Gen. Jack Keane: Russia’s attack on Ukraine’s largest nuclear plant doesn’t ‘make sense’

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GEN. JACK KEANE: It’s absolute insanity when it comes down to it. I mean, their intent, likely, is they want to take these nuclear power plants so they can shut the power off in the major cities and the rural areas. ...

Playboy Bunny Adrienne Pollack’s 1973 death still raises questions, sister says: ‘It never made sense to us’

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The Playboy Bunny passed away in 1973 at age 23. She overdosed just three weeks after her birthday. Enright is adamant that her sister’s involvement with the Playboy Mansion resulted in her demise. Enright recently s...

Blinken will not meet with Lavrov amid Russian invasion of Ukraine: ‘It does not make sense’

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"It does not make sense to go forward with our meeting at this time," Blinken told reporters, noting he had agreed to discuss European security concerns so long as Russia did not invade Ukraine.  The secretary said t...

Alabama voters call for common sense and a president who is ‘actually going to do the job’

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"Number one, I want somebody who's actually going to do the job that we request, protect the people, serve the people and do their job," Howard said. Howard speaks to Fox News in Mobile, Al.

Dr. Saphier blasts Atlantic piece arguing mask mandates ‘don’t need to make sense’: ‘Absolutely wrong’

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HOUSE REPUBLICANS CALL FOR PELOSI TO LIFT ‘DRACONIAN’ MASK MANDATES AT CAPITOL DR. NICOLE SAPHIER: Any sort of public health intervention has to make sense, so to say that it doesn't need to make sense is absolutely ...

Ingraham: ‘Concerned citizens’ should ‘push back with logic and common sense’ against transgender athletics

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"As we've seen from Virginia though, to California and everywhere in between: When concerned citizens get together, unafraid, and push back with logic and common sense, basic biology - parents and neighbors say 'this...

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