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Former DEA official sentenced to 7 years in prison for $4.4 million scam

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A former Drug Enforcement Administration spokesman was sentenced on Wednesday to seven years behind bars for posing as a CIA employee to dupe several people and companies in a $ 4.4 million scheme. Garrison Kennet...

Man who bought guns used by San Bernardino terrorists sentenced to 20 jare in die federale gevangenis

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The man who supplied the guns that a husband and wife used to kill 14 people in a 2015 terror attack in California has been sentenced to 20 years in prison, federal prosecutors announced Friday. Enrique Marquez ple...

Former NFL player Dana Stubblefield sentenced to prison for 2015 verkragting

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Former San Francisco 49ers football player Dana Stubblefield has been sentenced to 15 years to life in prison for the 2015 rape of an intellectually disabled woman, according to the Santa Clara District Attorney's O...

Georgia teen apologizes for plot to kill black churchgoers and is sentenced to time in juvenile detention

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A 17-year-old Georgia girl accused of plotting to attack a predominantly Black church in 2019, apologized in court on Thursday before being sentenced to four years in a juvenile facility and probation. The teen was ...

A woman who stole goods for 19 years and sold them on eBay has been sentenced to prison and ordered to pay $3.8M

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A Texas woman has been sentenced to 54 months in federal prison for stealing millions of dollars in merchandize and selling it on eBay. Kim Richardson, 63, agreed to pay $ 3.8 million in restitution following an in...

Heiress sentenced to nearly seven years in Nxivm case, more than recommended sentence

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Clare Bronfman, heiress to the Seagram liquor fortune, was sentenced to 81 months in prison Wednesday -- more than the 60-month sentence prosecutors had recommended. CNN has reached out to attorneys for Bronfman fo...

Maryland man sentenced to 1 year in jail for holding large parties, violating state’s Covid-19 rules

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A Maryland man was sentenced to a year in jail for holding two large parties and violating the state's order against large gatherings, according to the Charles County state's attorney's office. Shawn Marshall Myer...

An Alaska dentist who extracted a patient’s tooth on a hoverboard sentenced to 12 jare in die tronk

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A former dentist who was filmed extracting a patient's tooth while standing on a hoverboard has been sentenced to 12 jare in die tronk, according to a statement from the Alaska Department of Law. Seth Lookhart, 35, was ...

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