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Record rainfall kills at least 8 in Seoul as water floods buildings, submerges cars

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Seúl, South Korea At least eight people were killed in Seoul on Monday after record downpours flooded homes, roads and subway stations in the South Korean capital, cutting power and forcing hundreds to evacuate, acc ...

Biden signs $40 billion aid package to Ukraine while in Seoul

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Seoul President Joe Biden on Saturday signed the $ 40 billion aid package to Ukraine, dijo un funcionario de la Casa Blanca, after the bill was flown to Seoul. The Senate passed it following Biden's departure from Washington....

North Korean missile explodes in air in failed launch from Seoul

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Details of the missile explosion weren’t immediately known. But the launch, the 10th of its kind this year, shows North Korea is determined to press ahead on its push to modernize its weapons arsenal and pressure its...

Los bloqueos se endurecen en Seúl y Sydney a medida que crecen los brotes de Covid-19 en la variante de Delta

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La capital de Corea del Sur y la ciudad más grande de Australia anunciaron el viernes que aumentarían sus medidas de prevención de Covid-19 para combatir los crecientes brotes de la variante Delta en ambas ciudades.. Seúl elevará su d ...

Belgian ambassador’s wife claims diplomatic immunity after slapping a Seoul store assistant

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Seúl, South Korea The wife of Belgium's ambassador to South Korea is exercising her diplomatic immunity to avoid charges for allegedly slapping a store assistant in April, la policía dijo el martes. Ambassador Peter Lesc...

Lose weight with household chores! Seoul government’s 1950s-style advice to pregnant women comes under fire

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Officials in South Korea have withdrawn recently published guidelines for pregnant women, following a backlash over their use of outdated sexist stereotypes. Seoul city government's Pregnancy and Childbirth Informa...

South Korea official shot dead by North Korean troops after crossing border: Seúl

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Seoul A South Korean official was shot dead after crossing a maritime border into North Korea, Seoul said Thursday. According to Lt. Gen. Ahn Young-ho, a top official with South Korea's Joint Chiefs of Staff, a staf...