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Two die in separate Colorado avalanches on Valentine’s Day

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Two people died in separate avalanches in Colorado on Sunday, the latest in a series of deadly avalanches that have already claimed the lives of 17 others across seven states this year. The fatalities mark the fifth...

2 men who appeared on Netflix’s ‘Cheeraccused of separate sex crimes involving minors

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Two men who appeared on the Netflix docuseries "Cheer" have been arrested and charged in separate sex crime cases involving minors, owerhede gesê. The arrests on Wednesday of Mitchell Ryan and Robert Joseph Scia...

Firefighters recovering after fire trucks overturn in separate accidents

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Several firefighters are recovering after their trucks overturned in separate accidents that closed roads in two states. In Henrico County, Virginia, a fire crew responding to an emergency call about an unconscious ...

A person who went to work while sick is likely the cause of two separate Covid-19 outbreaks in Oregon

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Officials in Oregon say a "superspreader action" is likely behind two recent Covid-19 outbreaks in the state. The action in question: A person knowingly went to work while sick and later tested positive for the viru...