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Inside the search for the parents of 545 children separated at the border

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Dora Melara heads into remote parts of Honduras, looking for clues in cases she never imagined would take this long to solve. Soms, the people she's seeking are nowhere to be found. "There are places where you ...

VSA begin hereniging van sommige gesinne wat aan die grens van Mexiko geskei is

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President Biden se regering het Maandag gesê dat sy taakgroep vir hereniging sy eerste vier gesinne wat deur die beleid geskei is, sal saambring, wat daartoe gelei het dat duisende migrerende ouers geskei is..

Korean Americans separated by war have waited 70 years for a reunion. Their time is running out

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Michael Roh remembers the tears that rolled down his grandmother's face as she watched former President Donald Trump meeting with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un on TV. The weight of this unprecedented encounter ...

Brett Favre wants sports, politics to be separated: ‘I want to watch the game

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Favre made comments earlier this week, saying sports are better off being something to unify the country rather than used as a tool to further divide people. KLIK HIER VIR MEER SPORTDEKKING . "I think both sides...

Verhale oor kinders wat van ouers geskei is, beklemtoon die prys van Hong Kong se sukses in die koronavirus

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Hong Kong Toe Ariel haar twee jong seuns in Covid-19 in 'n hospitaalafdeling in Hong Kong sien, isoleer, sy het gebreek. Die broers -- ouderdom 5 en 1 en albei asimptomaties -- het baadjies aangehad wat aan hul beddens vasgemaak was aan ...

A tearful reunion caught on video as a couple reunites after being separated over 200 days due to the pandemic

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A couple at a Florida assisted living home had the internet in tears this weekend after a heartwarming video featuring the couple was shared on social media. The video shared by Rosecastle at Delaney Creek, an assis...

Fox News-peiling: Voters oppose $450,000 payout to families separated at border

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That’s according to the latest Fox News Poll released Friday. The Wall Street Journal first reported in late October that the Justice Department, Nasionale Sekuriteit, and Health and Human Services are considering the p...

Wichita State beats UNLV with clutch free throws, teams separated after postgame scuffle

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The Shockers beat the Rebels, 74-73, thanks to last-second free throws from Tyson Etienne but the moment was briefly overshadowed over the extracurricular activity at the end. UNLV assistant Carlin Hartman appeared t...

Ouers van 303 migrerende kinders wat aan die grens onder Trump geskei is, is steeds nie gevind nie, hofdossier sê

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Washington Attorneys are still trying to reach the parents of 303 migrant children who were separated at the US-Mexico border under the Trump administration, af van 337 in Augustus, according to a federal court fili...

WH: Biden ‘perfectly comfortablewith DOJ settling with illegal migrants separated at border

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White House deputy press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre made the comment in response to Fox News White House correspondent Peter Doocy after Biden Wednesday told Doocy that reports of his administration offering up to ...

Kamala Harris and Mike Pence to be separated by plexiglass at Wednesday’s debate

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Vice President Mike Pence and Democratic vice presidential nominee Kamala Harris will be separated by plexiglass at Wednesday night's debate, a source familiar with the preparations tells CNN, as the White House con...

Heavy police presence at Florida school board meeting where mask wearers separated from those without masks

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West Palm Beach, Florida Dozens of police officers were standing by as the Palm Beach County School Board held a meeting Wednesday evening with masked and unmasked spectators watching from separate rooms. A crowd of ...

Biden if elected will form task force to reunite 545 separated immigrant children with family, veldtog sê

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Joe Biden is pledging that if he's elected president, he will sign an executive order to form a task force that will focus on reuniting the 545 immigrant children who've been separated from their families. The pled...

Princes Harry and William reunite at Prince Philip’s funeral for first time amid rift, separated in procession

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Die hertog van Sussex, 36, and Duke of Cambridge, 38, were spotted in the third line of the royal family member procession that took place just after 9:40 am. Die broers, whose rift has been heavily reported since Ha...

Biden administration debates paying ‘hundreds of millionsto families separated at the border

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FLORIDA-BOUND HAITIAN MIGRANTS ARRESTED AFTER LANDING ON BEACH The report, based on remarks from "people familiar with the matter," states that payments of "rondom $ 450,000 a person in compensation" could be issued...

Justice Department breaks off settlement talks with families separated at US-Mexico border

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The Justice Department has informed attorneys representing separated migrant families that it will cease settlement negotiations and are ready to go back to court, according to an attorney representing families. Die...

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