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Eric Church announces post-coronavirus ‘Gather Againtour coming in September

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The country singer announced that he’s kicking off a new tour on September 17 that will keep him traveling and performing through 2022. The star announced the news with a message to his fans on YouTube announcing the...

La polizia del Campidoglio degli Stati Uniti dice ai legislatori che la recinzione di filo spinato dovrebbe rimanere fino a settembre

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La polizia del Campidoglio degli Stati Uniti ha detto ai legislatori che la recinzione di filo spinato attorno al Campidoglio dovrebbe rimanere in vigore almeno fino a settembre a causa delle persistenti preoccupazioni sulla sicurezza legate alle minacce contro i membri del Congresso,...

settembre 11 Congressional Report Fast Facts

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Ecco uno sguardo al 9/11 Congressional Report, released by Congress on July 24, 2003. Facts The full name of the report is the Report of the Joint Inquiry into the Terrorist Attacks of September 11, 2001 by the Hou...

Yellowstone sets record for September visitors

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Old Faithful and friends are enjoying a boost in popularity this year. Yellowstone National Park, home of the famous geyser, had its busiest September ever, the National Park Service says. A reporter's reaction w...

Officials break ground on new section of September 11th National Memorial Trail

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Officials in Somerset County, Pennsylvania, have broken ground on a new segment of the September 11th National Memorial Trail, which connects the nation's three main 9/11 memorial sites. The new bike trail will conn...

Record cold temperatures and a rare September snow arrive this week

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An early taste of winter with record cold temperatures and snow -- sì, neve -- is on the way for the Rocky Mountains. A strong September cold front is set to drop out of Canada in the beginning of the week, making ...