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Portugal faces playoff to reach 2022 World Cup after being stunned by Serbia’s late goal

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A late goal from Aleksandar Mitrovic saw Serbia stun Portugal on Sunday and qualify for next year's FIFA World Cup. Serbia's 2-1 victory in Lisbon means Portugal finished second in Group A and will have to get throu...

Novak Djokovic gets support from Serbia’s president: ‘Why are you harassing him?’

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Vucic released a statement posted on his Instagram defending Djokovic as he fights, weereens, to stay in Australia and participate in the Australian Open, which is set to start Monday. "If you wanted to ban Djokovic...

Serbia’s incumbent President Vucic set to win second term

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Serbia's incumbent president, Aleksandar Vucic, has secured 59.5% of votes in a presidential election, the State Election Commission said on Monday after counting 87.67% van stembriewe. The commission also said Vucic's r...