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Jennifer Lopez getting ‘seriousabout Ben Affleck as he ‘slowlygets to know her kids: verslag doen

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The two have rekindled their romance in recent weeks and while they've offered no public statement on the matter, the two have made little effort to conceal their affection for one another. Though only a few months i...

‘Serious questionsremain about John Kerry’s conversations with Iran: Pavlich

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KATIE PAVLICH: I don't think that's the end of the story, Dana. I remember when you interviewed the former Secretary of State on ‘The Daily Briefing,’ and you asked him if he was telling the Iranians to wait out the ...

Hawley: Facebook board’s Trump ban proves its time to ‘get seriouson antitrust action

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Hawley and other Republicans slammed Facebook after its oversight board – an independent body with binding authority over its content decisions – affirmed the company’s decision to suspend Trump following the Jan. 6 ...

Belastingstigting se president waarsku dat Biden se belastingrekening 'ernstig sal wees’ ekonomiese skade, lei tot ‘minder belegging’

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SCOTT HODGE: Sy [Jen Psaki] sê, "O, Ek weet nie hoeveel mense dit doen nie [belastingverhoging] sou beïnvloed." Heelwat. Ons praat oor ons motorhandelaars in private besit, klein hotelketens, restaurantkettings, suksesvol ...

Joan Collins says 93rd Academy Awards looked ‘very serious’: ‘It didn’t look like anybody was having much fun’

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The 93rd Academy Awards was held in Los Angeles on Sunday night with socially distanced measures in place to ensure guests were safe during the coronavirus pandemic. The 87-year-old, who appeared on U.K.’s "Lorraine,...

Moving MLB All-Star Game from Atlanta is ‘serious mistake,’ former Commissioner Fay Vincent says

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Vincent, who wrote an opinion piece in The Wall Street Journal, said Manfred made a decision "without first protesting the substance of the law." He added that Manfred made a "serious mistake", and the All-Star Game ...

A ‘serious conversation’: Lawmakers take another try at policing legislation

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Bipartisan discussions are underway as lawmakers try once again to find consensus for a bill to overhaul policing that can pass the United States Senate. The lead sponsor of last summer's failed Senate bill, Sy. T ...