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Miracle on the Hudson pilot ‘SullySullenberger blasts Trump over a report he disparaged fallen US service members

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The pilot vaunted for his grace under pressure as he landed an airliner in the Hudson River called President Donald Trump "completely unfit" for office and urged people to "vote him out" in response to a report in T...

US service member injured in Al-Shabaab attack in Somalia

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A US service member was injured in Somalia Monday when Al-Shabaab attacked US and Somali forces, according to the US military. Al-Shabaab attacked the forces using "a vehicle employed as an improvised explosive de...

Israeli supermodel Bar Refaeli given nine monthscommunity service for tax evasion

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An Israeli court sentenced supermodel Bar Refaeli to nine months of community service for tax evasion Sunday, and handed her mother 16 meses en prisión, concluding a years-long case against the national celebrity. R ...

I lost my legs fighting for America. I want a president who understands service

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Dan Berschinski graduated from West Point in 2007. He served as an infantry platoon leader in Afghanistan in 2009 where he was seriously wounded after stepping on an IED. After recovering from his wounds Dan medicall...

The National Weather Service spotted a massive bat colony on its weather radar

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Murder hornets, zombie cicadas, invasive lizards -- the list of icky pests popping up across the United States appears to be growing this year. Next on the list? Massive bat colonies, just in time for Halloween. Met...

Maryland will become the first state to ban foam food service products

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This week Maryland will become the first state in the US to ban the use of foam containers for carryout. La Ley, which was approved during the 2019 state legislative session, will go into effect on October 1 and i...

National Park Service interns unearthed fossils of a bizarre 220-million-year-old reptile

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A species of peculiar burrowing reptiles that evaded scientists for more than 220 million years has been found, fossilized, Al final. A team of National Park Service interns are credited with its discovery. Hidden i...

Trump appointee resigns as a ‘matter of conscienceover executive order aimed at civil service

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A Trump appointee tasked with advising the administration on federal civil servants' pay has resigned over his objections to a new executive order that appears to provide the President more leeway in the hiring and ...

Cathedral hosts memorial service after ‘enormously popularresident stray cat dies

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London's famous Southwark Cathedral is traditionally recognized for its architectural significance. But in recent years the Gothic cathedral, which stands on the south bank of the River Thames, became known for anot...

Let’s not forget this group when we say ‘thank you for your serviceon Veterans Day

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Ja'net Bishop, Ed.D, is a volunteer with the American Red Cross Service to Armed Forces, where she teaches incarcerated veterans techniques for reducing anger and stress. Bishop is a former certified school principa...

Dave Chappelle dice que Netflix eliminó "Chappelle's Show"’ del servicio a petición suya

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"Espectáculo de Chappelle" ya no está en Netflix, y Dave Chappelle está feliz por eso. El comediante el martes se abrió en un video publicado en Instagram sobre el movimiento del servicio de transmisión., que dice vino a su requerimiento..

Postal service honors Japanese American vets and a Chinese American scientist with new stamps

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Stamp collecting may not be for everyone, but three upcoming stamp releases are definitely worth saving. The US Postal Service is releasing three new stamps next year inspired by the achievements and culture of Asia...

Black service members in the Air Force are treated differently than their White peers, an investigation finds

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Black service members in the US Air Force face disparities in disciplinary action and career opportunities compared to their White peers, según un informe reciente. The findings, released Monday, come from an ind...

Secret Service adding former Biden agents to new presidential detail

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The US Secret Service has been planning to bring back to the White House a group of agents that previously worked with President-elect Joe Biden when he was vice president to fill out his security detail, a law enfo...

College student offers free tutoring service to kids of frontline workers

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Hoping to give back to the frontline workers who have risked their lives throughout the pandemic, a college student has created a program that offers free tutoring to their children. Brett Mozarsky, a senior at Have...

El Correo de Washington: Secret Service officer placed under investigation after accusing lawmakers of treason on social media

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A US Secret Service officer is under investigation after accusing lawmakers of treason and sharing conspiracy theories about the election on social media, according to The Washington Post who obtained images of the ...

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