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101-Un sobreviviente de Pearl Harbor de un año asistirá al servicio conmemorativo número 80 gracias a su hija y a docenas de amables extraños

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Un sobreviviente de Pearl Harbor asistirá a la 80a ceremonia de conmemoración esta semana., gracias a la ayuda de su hija y decenas de extraños que querían asegurarse de que pudiera estar allí. Ike Schab, 101, le dijo a C ...

9/11 families tell Biden to stay away from memorial service if he doesn’t authorize release of records related to attacks

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Más que 1,600 people affected by the September 11 attacks are asking President Joe Biden to refrain from coming to Ground Zero to mark the 20th anniversary of the event unless he releases documents and information...

El número de muertos afganos ahora al menos 95 tras el bombardeo del aeropuerto de Kabul; 13 Miembros del servicio de EE. UU. Muertos

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Los atentados del jueves cerca del aeropuerto internacional de Kabul mataron al menos 95 Afganos y 13 NOSOTROS. tropas, Afganistán y EE. UU.. los funcionarios dijeron, en el día más mortífero para EE. UU.. fuerzas en Afganistán desde agosto 2011. Jueves tarde..

El veterano de la guerra de Afganistán se emociona al recordarlo 9/11: "Estados Unidos tiene mucha suerte" para los heroicos miembros del servicio

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Doody se emocionó al recordar los eventos de las últimas dos semanas en Afganistán diciendo que ha sido "tumultuoso," pero es un honor representar a la comunidad de combate de veteranos. Cuando tenía 16 años de edad en la escuela secundaria d ...

Alabama military base will require proof of COVID vaccine if service members don’t wear masks

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Fort Rucker has updated its guidance in the face of the rising threat of the Delta variant of COVID-19. The variant has quickly grown to become the dominant strain of COVID-19 in the U.S. Mayo. Gen. David Francis, com...

Alaska Airlines brings back food, beverage service on some flights: reporte

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The airline reportedly expanded its food and beverage service this week on certain flights, according to The Points Guy. The website reported that Alaska Airlines brought back some food options on Thursday, includin ...

All in the family: Military dads share how service influenced them as fathers, hijos

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Men and women who join the armed forces often follow in the footsteps of their fathers, joining the same branch or even the same regiments — if they’re so lucky. That legacy of service to the country is something tha...

Andrew Brown Jr. funeral: Rvdo. Al Sharpton to deliver eulogy at North Carolina service

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Brown's death sparked over a week of protests that have continued even as a judge delayed the public release of body camera footage of the fatal shooting for at least 30 dias. A private funeral ceremony will begin at...

Army veteran surprised with service dog at 9/11 memorial in New York City

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"It means a lot coming from my family and friends and everybody to support me," Jones told Fox News. "I don’t think it is going to sit with me until tonight until he’s cuddling with me." Jones was deployed to fight ...

As crime soars, de Blasio says NYPD must be about ‘customer service’

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During his daily City Hall news conference, de Blasio ignored the pressing issue of public safety and called his "revolutionary" initiative for the NYPD "a paradigm shift," diciendo, "Customer service has to be what th...

Auburn opens football season with stadium tribute to US service members killed in Afghanistan attack

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Thirteen reserved seats at the Alabama university’s Jordan-Hare Stadium were adorned with military caps and pictures of the American heroes who lost their lives in the Kabul suicide bombing. "These men and women sacr...

Beavers chewed through a cable and knocked out internet service to hundreds in a Canadian town

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A colony of beavers gnawed through a fiber optic cable near their dam over the weekend, disrupting internet service for hundreds of residents in Western Canada Officials in the District of Tumbler Ridge said the are...

Beavers reportedly knock out cell phone and internet service in Canadian town

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A town in Canada lost internet access due to the actions of a local beaver. Aparentemente, the animal damaged an important cable, causing about 900 people to lose access. A spokesperson for internet provider Te...

Before a wildfire grew into an out-of-control blaze, the Forest Service decided to let it burn

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A massive wildfire raging out of control in the rugged mountains straddling the California-Nevada border, tearing through tens of thousands of acres was initially determined by US Forest Service officials to not be ...

Biden celebrates and prepares to expand Amtrak despite decades of cost overruns and bad service

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As a former senator from Delaware, "Amtrak Joe" famously rode the train between his home in Wilmington and Washington, CORRIENTE CONTINUA., cotidiano. So it's perhaps not surprising that tucked into Biden’s American Jobs Plan is $...

Biden slammed for appearing to look at his watch during memorial service for dead marines

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Biden met with the families of the troops killed in the attack, and he also attended the "dignified transfer" of the fallen troops, a military ritual of receiving the remains of those killed in foreign combat, tiempo ...

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