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Some big-city district attorneys vow not to prosecute abortion cases, setting up legal clashes in red states

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As abortion bans go into effect in states across the US, how strongly the laws are enforced will depend on local prosecutors -- and some are promising not to bring abortion providers to court. More than a third of t...

Black former Tesla contractor turned down $15 million award in racial harassment suit, likely setting up new trial

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A Black former contract worker at Tesla's Fremont, California, factory turned down ​a judge's offer for a reduced payout of $ 15 milioni di danni, thus setting the stage for a possible re-trial of his case. Tesla...

Several cities across the US are setting new temperature records

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Daily high temperature records were set across several cities Monday afternoon. Here are a few: -- Columbia, Carolina del Sud, reached an afternoon high of 103 [object Window], breaking its old June 13 registrazione di 102 [object Window], ...

Georgia Tech students create 4.2 mile-long hopscotch in hope of setting new world record

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A group of Georgia Tech students has created what may be the world's longest hopscotch. Il corso, which runs through the university's Atlanta campus and spans 4.2 miglia, was drawn up by members of a first-year lea...

Elizabeth Warren is setting up a ‘told ya somoment for the 2022 midterms

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Everywhere you look these days, Suo. Elizabeth Warren is sounding the alarm about her party's prospects in the midterm elections. "My job right now is to light the fire of urgency," she told Politico on Tuesday. "...

Gowdy: Congresso, not federal judges, should be setting public policy

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TREY GOWDY: The CDC thinks you should wear a mask on planes or trains or mass transit. If you're wondering when you voted on the Centers for Disease Control, you did not. You do vote on Congress, and that is who shou...

L'uomo della Florida guarda 'Spider-Man’ film 292 volte, L'uomo della Florida guarda 'Spider-Man

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L'uomo della Florida guarda 'Spider-Man "Uomo Ragno: Non c'è modo di tornare a casa" 292 volte. L'uomo della Florida guarda 'Spider-Man "L'uomo della Florida guarda 'Spider-Man" nel 2019, L'uomo della Florida guarda 'Spider-Man.

Illinois man catches 140-pound paddlefish, setting new fishing record in Missouri

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An angler from Illinois set a new fishing record in Missouri late last week. According to the man who caught the fish, he was on a trip with his family when he set the new record. Jim Dain caught a 140-pound, 10-ou...

Washington State woman sentenced to prison for setting 5 Seattle police vehicles on fire during 2020 protesta

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Margaret Aislinn Channon, 26, from Tacoma, was captured on video using fire and aerosol cans to light five Seattle Police Department vehicles on fire during a May 30 protest – following the death of George Floyd, acc ...

Former CDC director pushes back on mandatory school mask mandates: The school setting is a safe setting

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MASK MANDATES EASED ACROSS US AS COVID-19 HOSPITALIZATIONS DROP BELOW 100,000 ROBERT REDFIELD: I'm totally against mandates, both for vaccines and for masks. I think it's time. Ancora, we're going to be with COVID-19...

La corte non sospenderà l'ordine per la nuova mappa del Congresso dell'Alabama, La corte non sospenderà l'ordine per la nuova mappa del Congresso dell'Alabama

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La corte non sospenderà l'ordine per la nuova mappa del Congresso dell'Alabama, La corte non sospenderà l'ordine per la nuova mappa del Congresso dell'Alabama. "La corte non sospenderà l'ordine per la nuova mappa del Congresso dell'Alabama.

Turkey’s inflation soars to 36%, setting a new record for Erdogan era

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Istanbul (CNN Business)Turkey's annual rate of inflation has hit a 19-year high as a currency collapse sends the cost of imports soaring. According to the Turkish Statistical Institute, consumer prices soared 36% nel ...

Beverly Hills, Florida, uomo arrestato dopo aver dato fuoco alla statua di Gesù, diverse case

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James Lee Harris, 25, dare fuoco a "un albero e una statua di Gesù Cristo" alla chiesa cattolica di Nostra Signora delle Grazie a Beverly Hills, una casa in South Barbour Street e un'altra casa vuota in South Wadsworth Avenue. UOMO DI NYC...

Israel labels six Palestinian civil society groups ‘terrorist,’ setting challenge for international donors

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Jerusalem Israel's government has declared six Palestinian civil society groups supported by the international community as terrorist organizations, prompting dismay among human rights campaigners. Among the groups...

esplosione della Georgia: 2 uomini arrestati con l'accusa di aver innescato una grande esplosione nella disputa, dice la polizia

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I sospetti, Royce Van Court, 38, e Michael Bonzo Huff, 31, affrontare più accuse relative all'ottobre. 2 esplosione, che ha svegliato i residenti in giro 3:15 a.m. in Winder, di 50 miglia a nord-est di Atlanta, secondo...

Condannato a morte in Cina per aver dato fuoco alla sua ex moglie durante un live streaming

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Hong Kong Un cinese che ha dato fuoco alla sua ex moglie mentre trasmetteva in streaming ai suoi follower online è stato condannato a morte giovedì, concludere un caso di omicidio che ha ricevuto notorietà a livello nazionale. La vittima, 30-anni...