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‘Top Gun: Maverick,’ ‘Mission: Onmoontlik 7’ release dates among several movies postponed by Paramount

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Release dates for 10 Paramount projects have been moved. Three of them star Cruise, and just one movie's release date has been moved forward. "Top Gun: Maverick" was pushed to a Nov. 19 release date from its previous...

Several people injured in shooting in Bryan, Texas, sê die polisie

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Police responded Thursday to the scene of a shooting at an industrial park in Bryan, Texas, where they found "several victims," according to Lt. Jason James of the Bryan Police Department. James could not speak to ...

Paint plant explosion leaves one person unaccounted for and several injured

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An explosion at a paint manufacturing facility in Ohio left several injured, two critically, and one person unaccounted for, according officials in Columbus. Firefighters who responded just after midnight to report...

Several people reported shot in Virginia Beach

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Several people may have life-threatening injuries after a shooting in Virginia Beach, Virginia, police tweeted early Saturday. Police are investigating the incident that happened "at the oceanfront between 17th and ...

Anyone in Oklahoma can now get the Covid-19 vaccine, thanks to several Native tribes

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Any resident of Oklahoma can now get the Covid-19 vaccine -- but it's not because of the state's health department. In plaas daarvan, Oklahomans have several Native tribes to thank. Verlede week, the Chickasaw Nation opened up ...

Die nuutste bevat 'n aantal uit Afro-Amerikaanse taal in Engels en frases wat verband hou met ras en identiteit

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Die toevoeging van 'n woord in die woordeboek is lankal 'n teken van die wettige legitimiteit. En in die nuutste groep wat by gevoeg is, die aanlyn woordeboek het verskeie Afro-Amerikaanse taalversameling Engelse woorde ingesluit..

Prince Philip has infection and will stay in London hospital for several days, palace says

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London Prince Philip, the husband of Queen Elizabeth II, is being treated for an infection and is not expected to leave the hospital for several days, according to an update from Buckingham Palace on Tuesday. "The Du...

People with multiple mental disorders may age several years faster, studie bevind

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People with mental disorders have been found to be at higher risk of developing age-related diseases, but not necessarily at greater risk of aging faster — until now. Experiencing mental disorders early in life may...

Several homes damaged in possible tornado in Seminole, Florida

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At least six homes in Seminole, Florida, were damaged when an unconfirmed tornado or waterspout moved through a waterway in the gated Boca Ciega Point adult community early Saturday morning, city of Seminole Fire Re...

Bills in several states would cut funding to schools that teach the 1619 Projek. But they mostly aren’t going anywhere

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The New York Times Magazine's 1619 Project has been a flashpoint in the nation's culture wars since its publication. The Pulitzer Prize-winning effort, which has been largely acclaimed by scholars, historians and ed...

One killed, several injured in suburban Chicago hotel shooting

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One person was killed and several others injured Saturday morning in a shooting at a suburban Chicago hotel, volgens die polisie. Officers responded to the Indian Lakes Hotel in Bloomingdale, Illinois, by 2:35 am. ...

Verskeie mense is beseer nadat 'n klein ontploffing noord van Los Angeles ontstaan ​​het

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Verskeie mense is Dinsdag beseer nadat 'n klein ontploffing naby 'n verfilmingsterrein in die heuwels noord van Los Angeles 'n brand ontketen het, amptenare gesê. Drie mense het kritieke brandwonde opgedoen en is na ....

Several remaining missing Chibok schoolgirls escape from Boko Haram

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Lagos, Nigeria Some of the Chibok schoolgirls abducted by Boko Haram nearly seven years ago have finally escaped from their captors, a father of one of the girls told CNN. Halima Ali Maiyanga, one of more than 100 yo...

Capitol Building put on alert after a small fire several blocks away

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Washington A small fire at an apparent homeless encampment less than a mile away from the US Capitol Building on Monday prompted the building to enter lockdown, a reflection of the heightened state of alarm at the co...

Baie van die Amerikaanse data om die nuutste koronavirusvariante op te vang, is 'n paar maande oud

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As deel van die jag op nuwe koronavirusvariante, 'n internasionale databasis toon dat die Verenigde State 61ste is in die plek waar vinnig virusmonsters van pasiënte versamel word, ontleed en dan aanlyn geplaas. Lande w ...

Several Cabinet secretaries informally discuss invoking 25th Amendment but Pence ‘highly unlikelyto pursue

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Inquiries about invoking the 25th Amendment have been coming into Vice President Mike Pence's advisers and those discussions have been under way, a source close to the vice president said Thursday, with several Cabi...

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