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Several major airlines are dealing with disruptions after widespread website outages

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(CNN Besigheid)Several airlines, including Southwest, Verenigde, and Virgin Australia, acknowledged ongoing website system issues late Wednesday. In a statement to CNN Business, the airline said their teams worked quic...

Doctors warn of pavement burns as record heat wave scorches several states

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As a dangerous heat wave grips much of the western US, doctors say that sidewalks, roads and other surfaces can get hot enough to cause serious burns in a matter of seconds. The Arizona Burn Center - Valleywise Heal...

Several large great white sharks are being tracked near NY/NJ beaches

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According to a shark tracking website, several large great white sharks have been spotted swimming near beaches in New York, New Jersey and Massachusetts. While the group stressed that shark attacks aren’t common, it...

Tesla Model S Long Range loses several miles of range after Musk event

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Prior to the event, the Model S Long Range was listed with a 412 mile range between charges, which Musk referenced during the event, but is now listed at 405 myl.

Nieu-Mexiko waarsku teen wondbotulisme onder dwelmgebruikers ná verskeie vermeende gevalle

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Gemiddeld, oor 20 mense in die VS. word elke jaar met wondbotulisme gediagnoseer. Die meeste pasiënte rapporteer dat die vel teer of swart teer heroïne verskyn, maar die direkte skakel na die kiem is onduidelik, Volgens die ...

Suspected drunk Denver driver knocks over several headstones at veterans cemetery on Memorial Day

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Just before 3 nm., plaaslike tyd, the woman sideswiped two parked cars at the Fort Logan National Cemetery before driving onto the lawn and crashing into several headstones, the Denver Police Department told Fox News. ...

Iran approves hardliner for presidential polls, bars several hopefuls

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Iran's election watchdog has approved the candidacy of hardline judiciary chief Ebrahim Raisi in next month's presidential election, state television reported on Tuesday, while disqualifying some of his main rivals i...

Shooting at downtown Phoenix hotel leaves one dead, several others injured

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An overnight shooting at a hotel in downtown Phoenix left one dead and several others injured, police said Sunday morning. Police Sgt. Margaret Cox said during a news conference that one adult male was found dead in...

Chicago Public Schools CEO becomes latest of several top officials to resign

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"While I feel there is still more work to be done in CPS, I also believe it is time to pass the torch to new leadership for the next chapter," said CPS chief executive officer Janice Jackson. Prior to Monday's letter...

California inmate escapes jail after breaking through ‘several layers of building material,’ authorities say

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Charlie Everitt, ook bekend as "Mikey," broke out of the John Latorraca Correctional Center in Merced County at around 8 nm., the Merced County Sheriff’s Office said in a statement on Tuesday. GEORGIA AUTHORITIES SE...

6 mense is dood en verskeie beseer in 'n ongeluk noordoos van Atlanta, sê die polisie

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Ses mense is dood en verskeie ander is beseer nadat 'n passasiersbussie op die I-85 in Gwinnett County neergestort het, Georgië, Saterdag nag, polisie gesê. Almal in die bussie ten tyde van die ongeluk blyk volwassenes te wees, ...

Massive car pileup in Wisconsin leaves 1 dood, several injured amid whiteout snow conditions

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Dashcam video from the scene shows a tractor-trailer losing control on Interstate 41 in Washington County and slamming into a snowplow before overturning in the low-visibility weather. NASIONALE WEERVOORSPELLING: FREE...

‘Top Gun: Maverick,’ ‘Mission: Onmoontlik 7’ release dates among several movies postponed by Paramount

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Release dates for 10 Paramount projects have been moved. Three of them star Cruise, and just one movie's release date has been moved forward. "Top Gun: Maverick" was pushed to a Nov. 19 release date from its previous...

Several people injured in shooting in Bryan, Texas, sê die polisie

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Police responded Thursday to the scene of a shooting at an industrial park in Bryan, Texas, where they found "several victims," according to Lt. Jason James of the Bryan Police Department. James could not speak to ...

Paint plant explosion leaves one person unaccounted for and several injured

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An explosion at a paint manufacturing facility in Ohio left several injured, two critically, and one person unaccounted for, according officials in Columbus. Firefighters who responded just after midnight to report...

Several people reported shot in Virginia Beach

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Several people may have life-threatening injuries after a shooting in Virginia Beach, Virginia, police tweeted early Saturday. Police are investigating the incident that happened "at the oceanfront between 17th and ...

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