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Paris Jackson says she has ‘severe paranoiafrom paparazzi

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"I experience auditory hallucinations sometimes with camera clicks and severe paranoia and have been going to therapy for a lot of things but that included," Jackson says. "I'll hear a trash bag rustling and flinch i...

Sea World penguin plush toy blamed for killing Australian boy in ‘severe’ accident

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Deklan Babington-MacDonald died last Friday at Queensland Children’s Hospital in South Brisbane just five days after the accident. The boy had what his family described as a "severe accident" with the toy he was pla...

Japan increases protection for US military amid ‘severe security environment

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Hong Kong Japan's military performed 25 missions in 2020 in defense of US ships or planes, a sign of the growing integration of two of Asia's most powerful armed forces. The number of what Japan calls "asset protect...