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Mickey Callaway, Angels pitching coach, accused of sexually inappropriate behavior

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The Los Angeles Angels suspended pitching coach Mickey Callaway on Tuesday following a report by The Athletic alleging Callaway sent inappropriate pictures and unprompted texts to at least five female reporters over...

Ex-Mets manager Mickey Callaway accused of sexually harassing reporters

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sluit Video Fox News Flits die hoofopskrifte vir Februarie 1 Kyk wat kliek . Former Mets manager Mickey Callaway is being accused of sexually harassing female media members. Callaway, the current Ange...

Sjef in hegtenis geneem nadat beelde van seksueel suggestiewe koeke by die eksklusiewe Egiptiese klub viraal word

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Egyptian authorities have arrested a pastry chef for baking cakes with genital-shaped toppings after images of them went viral on social media. The cakes drew the attention of authorities after a Facebook post showi...

Family of deceased Texas soldier said she was previously sexually assaulted, was ‘ready to fightfor justice

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sluit video se topopskrifte vir Januarie 4 The family of a 19-year-old soldier found dead in Fort Bliss, Texas last week said she had been sexually assaulted by another soldier a year before her death and was "...

The UK will let some sexually active gay and bisexual men give blood, ending a controversial ban

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London The UK will allow some sexually active gay and bisexual men to donate blood, overturning a ban that originated during the HIV/AIDS epidemic of the 1980s and has been decried as homophobic for years. Van 2021,...

Hawelose man in Florida wat daarvan beskuldig word dat hy vrou by haar huis seksueel aangerand het

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sluit video se topopskrifte vir November 28 Florida deputies have accused a homeless man of sexual assaulting a woman who let him stay in her home for the night. Pinellas County deputies said Clark Caplan, ...

Abortion is legal in Namibia, but only if a woman is in danger or has been sexually abused. Activists are demanding reform

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What do you do when your country is torn between decriminalizing abortion and maintaining its colonial abortion laws? Start a debate. That's the idea being put forward by Esther Muinjangue, Namibia's deputy minister...

Democratic senator asks Amy Coney Barrett if she has ever sexually assaulted someone

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close Video Dem senator asks Barrett if she’s ever harassed or assaulted anyone Mazie Hirono of Hawaii asks Supreme Court nominee questions about sexual assault, harassment Sen. Mazie Hirono, D-Hawaii, asked a ...

Ex-Texas deputy sheriff gets 18 years in prison for sexually exploiting, cyberstalking two Massachusetts girls

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close Video top headlines for September 17 A former Texas law enforcement officer was sentenced to 18 years in prison Tuesday after sexually exploiting and cyberstalking two Massachusetts girls from the time...