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Abuse allegations cast shadow over Sean Parnell’s Senate campaign

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Butler, Pennsylvania Sean Parnell's turbulent personal life, including allegations of abuse from his estranged wife, continues to spill into the open as the Senate hopeful appeared in court for a custody trial this ...

Hannity rips ‘Shadow PresidentKlain for dismissing inflation concerns

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Klein, who served as Biden's vice presidential chief of staff as well as President Obama's Ebola czar, retweeted a Harvard professor who diagnosed the current inflation spike as a "high-class problem". En "Hannity," ...

La búsqueda de entrenadores de la USC ensombrecerá toda la temporada

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El tiempo de Clay Helton como entrenador de los Trojans llegó a su fin el lunes, 11 semanas antes de que se juegue el campeonato de la conferencia y quedan ocho días en el verano. HAGA CLIC AQUÍ PARA OBTENER MÁS COBERTURA DEPORTIVA . Uno de...

Myanmar’s shadow government launches ‘people’s defensive waragainst the military junta

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Myanmar's shadow government has launched what it called a "people's defensive war" against the military junta, urging citizens across the country to revolt. In a video address posted on his official Facebook page o...

Senate Judiciary Committee to hold hearing on Supreme Court’s abortion ruling and ‘shadow docket

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The Senate Judiciary Committee announced Friday that it plans to hold a hearing examining Texas' six-week abortion ban and the controversial, expedited Supreme Court procedure that allowed it to take effect this wee...

Turley: Biden turning private business into a ‘type of shadow statewith ‘coerced consentvaccine approach

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Turley made the comment on "Tu mundo" after the Department of Justice released an opinion allowing public agencies and private businesses to require COVID-19 vaccines for all employees. DOJ DECLARES VACCINE MANDATE...

Pence dice que ya ha tenido suficiente’ de Biden mientras busca escapar de la sombra de Trump en Iowa

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Monjes, Iowa El ex vicepresidente Mike Pence cruzó Iowa el viernes, atacando a la administración del presidente Joe Biden por desatar "una ola de políticas de izquierda que amenazan con acabar con todos los programas..

Brazil’s economy plummets in Covid’s shadow

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The Covid-19 crisis has claimed over 450,000 lives in Brazil, and wrecked the livelihoods of so many more. Brazilians are facing one of the worst economic recessions in the country's history. Millions remain unemplo...

Grenell calls Susan Rice the ‘shadow president’ and ‘no one is paying attention’

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Rice, who served as national security adviser under President Obama, was tapped last December by President Biden to take charge of the White House Domestic Policy Council. It is in that role that Grenell believes she...

‘Shadow and Boneis another Y.A. fantasy mostly built on smoke and mirrors

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Add "Shadow and Bone" to the long list of efforts to establish new fantasy series in the post-"Game of Thrones" era, in this case with a fairly generic tale of a war-riven world and a young woman who learns she has ...

Donald Trump is building a shadow Republican Party

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El lunes, a cohort of former Trump administration officials launched the America First Policy Institute, a think tank organization aimed at promoting "liberty, free enterprise, national greatness, American military...

Punxsutawney Phil sees his shadow and predicts six more weeks of winter

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Brace yourself for six more weeks of winter. Es decir, if you like to get your weather prediction from a groundhog in Pennsylvania. Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow Tuesday morning and, as legend holds, that means s...

John Roberts can’t escape the shadow of Donald Trump

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Chief Justice John Roberts will swear in Joe Biden on January 20 as the next president of the United States. But that historic ritual on the West Front of the US Capitol will not free Roberts of Donald Trump. Entonces un...