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Shaheen Holloway returns to coach Seton Hall, Peacocks there as well

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The Pirates' career assists leader and star of the college coaching scene after taking Cinderella Saint Peter's to the Elite Eight, was the only person athletic director Bryan Felt considered after Kevin Willard left...

Shaheen Holloway hired by Seton Hall after leading Saint Peter’s on historic NCAA Cinderella run

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Holloway was a player for Seton Hall when the Pirates made it to the Sweet 16 durante 2000 NCAA Tournament and had been linked to the job ever since Kevin Willard left the program for Maryland. Holloway, who was a...

Seton Hall has eyes on Shaheen Holloway after Saint Peter’s run: rapporto

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Holloway, who was on Seton Hall when the Pirates made it to the Sweet 16 durante 2000 NCAA Tournament, has been linked to the job since Kevin Willard left the program for Maryland. Secondo il New York Post, ...

Shaheen Holloway wraps up Saint Peter’s historic NCAA Cinderella run: ‘They shocked the world

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Di domenica, the Peacocks left Philadelphia after an Elite Eight loss to North Carolina as one of the best Cinderella stories in men’s tournament history. That fact was not lost on head coach Shaheen Holloway. FARE CLIC SU ...

Saint Peter’s coach Shaheen Holloway tweets inspirational passage before Elite Eight game: ‘Stay the course

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The passage with the title "Stay the course" mentions Chris Beard’s quote about making sure his team didn’t change anything about their routine even while they weren’t having success on the basketball court. CLICCA H ...

Shaheen Holloway: The man behind Saint Peter’s March Madness success

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A native New Yorker, Shaheen Holloway has always remained loyal to his roots. Born in Queens, Holloway played high school basketball just over the river in Elizabeth, New Jersey, a St. Patrick's, where he became reg...