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‘QAnon ShamanJacob Chansley to be sentenced for role in US Capitol riot

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Jacob Chansley, la llamada "QAnon Shaman," is in federal court Wednesday morning to be sentenced for his role in the US Capitol riots. The Justice Department has asked for Chansley to receive a harsh sentence as ...

‘Qanon shamanpleads guilty for role in Capitol riot, se enfrentará a 3 1/2 a 4 1/2 años en prisión

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Chansley was one of the first people to enter the Capitol building on Jan. 6, shirtless with an American flag spear, pintura facial, and furry horns. He was arrested three days after the riot and originally charged with...

Attorney for ‘QAnon shamansays plea deal being ‘earnestly’ discutido

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Chansley, 33, who has been diagnosed with multiple mental illnesses, was arrested Jan. 9, just three days after the Capitol riot. He was charged with civil disorder, entering and remaining in a restricted building, O ...

Psychological examination ordered for ‘Qanon Shamanmonths after Capitol riot

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Judge Royce Lamberth ordered that Chansley, who is from Phoenix, Ariz., undergo a "competency examination" in the next 30 days that will determine whether he is "presently suffering from a mental disease or defect re...

Princess Martha Louise of Norway says she’s planning a move to the U.S. after finding love with Shaman Durek

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Princess Martha Louise of Norway has revealed that she and her three daughters are planning on moving to the United States. The 49-year-old is dating Shaman Durek, a Los Angeles-based spiritual healer who has a star-...

‘QAnon Shamanrioter will eat organic food, while most prisons and jails have reputation for serving food that is unhealthy

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As trays with bologna sandwiches and canned fruit are being served to millions of people in America's prisons and jails, US Capitol rioter and so-called "QAnon Shaman" Jacob Chansley is only eating organic food whil...