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Coco Gauff says overturning Roe v. Wade is ‘going backwards’, Serena Williams ‘not readyto share thoughts

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The Supreme Court's decision to overturn Roe v. Wade is a case of history repeating itself and "going backwards", American tennis star Coco Gauff said Saturday. Friday's opinion held that there is no longer a federa...

For Father’s Day, Central Park visitors share their dadsbest advice

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"My dad always says to live in the moment," one woman told Fox News. "You’re never going to experience the same things again." Father's Day, celebrated June 19 quest'anno, was signed into law in 1976. The holiday was ...

Jesse Watters: Joe Biden, Jimmy Kimmel share ‘pity partyon late night TV

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JESSE WATTERS: The president's supposed to be a man of the people. So every once in a while, the leader of the free world or a candidate for the office drops by a late night TV show just to remind us, Hey, I'm a regu...

School staff reportedly told to share information on studentsgender transition with private company

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è stato visto l'ultima volta venerdì, durante un "day of professional learning" at the Clear Creek Independent School District, a presentation was given regarding topics related to gender identity by a staff member from the Montros...

Sparatoria in una scuola del Texas, one week later: Faith leaders share anguish, hope for the future

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They are also sharing prayers, hope and messages of healing with Fox News Digital. "What a tragic day for America," said Rabbi Pinchas Taylor of Plantation, Florida, to Fox News Digital, "when the lives of precious e...

Meghan Markle e il marito, il principe Harry, condividono un raro bacio pubblico dopo la partita di polo a Santa Barbara

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La duchessa del Sussex era vestita per stupire indossando una setosa camicetta stampata a pois in bianco e nero con pantaloni bianchi mentre presentava suo marito, 37, e i suoi compagni di squadra di Los Padres con il trofeo Lisle Nixon Memorial...

Georgia voters condemn Stacey Abrams ‘worst state’ comments, share top priorities ahead of primary election

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"Why does she think it’s the worst? Because she didn’t win the last election, suppongo," Larry, from Lawrenceville, disse. Abrams, who is running unopposed for the Democratic nomination for governor of the Peach State,...

Voters share how SCOTUS leak, possible Roe v. Wade reversal will influence their midterm decisions

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"I would not say it is changing the way I plan to vote," a Harvard student from Louisiana, Charles, ha detto a Fox News. He said he was upset about the leak itself, rather than the decision, since the Supreme Court isn’t s...

Le famiglie che hanno perso figli a causa del fentanyl condividono sentimenti contrastanti riguardo alle strisce reattive di oggi

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L'obiettivo. il gol? Per sensibilizzare tutti gli americani sul fentanil illecito che è presente nelle pillole false e nelle droghe di strada. Solo una pillola - una singola pillola - può portare alla morte.

principe William, Kate Middleton share new photos of Prince Louis ahead of his 4th birthday

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Louis turns four April 23. A caption of "4 years old tomorrow!" accompanied two photos of Prince Louis taken by the Duchess of Cambridge. Louis was dressed in a sweater featuring stars and paired with blue shorts a...

William and Kate share new photos of Prince Louis for his 4th birthday

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Prince Louis is turning four on Saturday, and to mark the occasion, his royal parents Kate and Prince William have shared new photos of their youngest child. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge posted two photos of Lo...

Boston Marathon survivors reflect, share outrage over convicted bomber collecting COVID-19 funds

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Robert Wheeler, a participant in the Boston Marathon who was hailed as a hero for literally giving the shirt off his back to aid victims of the blast, told Fox News that April 15 "still remains as profound and mixed ...

Jennifer Kupcho and Minjee Lee share early lead of Chevron Championship as Ko Jin-young fights to make cut

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Australia's Minjee Lee and American Jennifer Kupcho share an early lead at the Chevron Championship -- one of the five majors in women's golf -- after the opening round with both players carding a six-under-par 66. ...

Low-income Black Americans do not share the elitesversion of ‘racial diversity’: Bob Woodson

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BOB WOODSON: It's not only intolerant, but it's insulting … they're using the black issue about justice as the reason for the need for it, and I'm saying, that is just not shared by the majority of Black Americans. E...

Ukrainians share human toll of Russian invasion, combat disinformation on social media

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On social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook and Telegram, images of defiant Ukrainians are stirring support for the embattled nation. Allo stesso tempo, social media influencers have become reliable sources for...

Dick Van Dyke, 96, Dick Van Dyke, 50: Dick Van Dyke

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Era 2007 Dick Van Dyke. Dick Van Dyke.