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Elaine Welteroth gives explanation for consoling Sharon Osbourne following on-air blowup in leaked audio

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"I thought we had closed the painful, public chapter of the controversy related to the March 10th show," Welteroth said in a statement to Entertainment Tonight. "Hoy dia, sin embargo, I learned that my private comments ma...

Sharon Osbourne se disculpa por apoyar a Piers Morgan en Meghan Row

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Sharon Osbourne ha emitido una disculpa pública a la comunidad negra después de enfrentar la controversia sobre su apasionada defensa de Piers Morgan en un panel. "La conversación". La estrella de 68 años fue atacada el miércoles después..

Sharon Stone, 63, ‘hanging outwith rapper RMR, 25: reporte

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"Basic Instinct" icon Sharon Stone is sparking dating rumors with RMR — a rapper less than half her age. Page Six spies have spotted Stone, 63, and RMR, 25, on dates together all over LA. La semana pasada, they hit up hots...

Sharon Osbourne to break her silence in first interview since exiting ‘The Talk

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Sharon Osbourne will discuss her departure from CBS's "La conversación" in an interview set to air Friday. Osbourne will be speaking for the first time since her dramatic exit in Friday's episode of "Real Time with Bill Ma...

After Sharon Osbourne exit, 'La conversación’ returning Monday with ‘discussion about race and healing

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The break was prompted by a tense discussion between Osbourne, 68, and co-host Sheryl Underwood over Osbourne's vocal support of Piers Morgan, whose frequent and intense criticism of Meghan Markle has widely been dee...

Sharon Stone slammed Meryl Streep’s icon status in resurfaced interview: Others ‘equally as talented

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El martes, Streep celebrated her 72nd birthday and throughout the day, fans praised the actress for her decades-long career – which has widely become known as one of Hollywood's most admirable and Streep one of the ...

Sharon Osbourne resurfaces out to lunch with daughter Aimee after racism scandal

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The 68-year-old media personality was spotted out to lunch in Los Angeles with her eldest daughter Aimee, 37. The wife of Ozzy Osbourne kept her look casual in a white button-down shirt paired with jeans and white sn...

Sharon Osbourne defends Piers Morgan on ‘Real Time,’ calls Prince Harry the ‘poster boyof ‘White privilege

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Bill Maher kicked off the interview by asking how Osbourne was doing since she was last seen on TV. "I'm angry, Estoy herido," she responded, among other remarks, but stressed, "I'm a fighter." On the subject of what le...

Sharon Osbourne defends supporting Piers Morgan

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Things got a bit intense Wednesday on "La conversación" when the discussion turned to Piers Morgan and his comments about Meghan, Duquesa de sussex. Co-host Sharon Osbourne is a longtime friend of Morgan, who stormed off t...

Sharon Stone says she’s been ‘threatenedwith losing work over coronavirus vaccine insistence on set

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The actress is currently running for SAG-AFTRA’s national board of directors and she’s making health insurance a high priority of her campaign, particularly in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. In a video promoting her...

Sharon Stone revela a su sobrino, 11 meses, tiene insuficiencia orgánica total: "Necesitamos un milagro’

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La actriz de 63 años reveló que su sobrino y ahijado, río, fue encontrado en su cuna con insuficiencia orgánica total. Es solo 11 Meses de edad. "Mi sobrino y ahijado River Stone fue encontrado en su cuna con una falla total de órganos..

Sharon Stone says she was misled about explicit interrogation scene in ‘Basic Instinct’ — Feria de la vanidad

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Sharon Stone says she wasn't warned that her genitals would be exposed in the infamous interrogation scene in "Basic Instinct." In an excerpt from her forthcoming memoir, published in Vanity Fair, the Golden Globe-...

Cynthia Nixon on Sharon Stone potentially replacing Kim Cattrall in ‘Sex and the City 3

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There are no plans for a "Sexo y la ciudad 3" película, but if it happens Cynthia Nixon wouldn't be mad if Sharon Stone stepped into the role of Samantha. The pair appeared virtually, alongside actress Sarah Paulson, W ...

Sharon Stone recibe una reacción violenta por el cumplido de Jonah Hill luego de su solicitud de "no comentar sobre mi cuerpo"

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Después de que Jonah Hill pidió educadamente a sus seguidores en Instagram que no comentaran sobre su cuerpo, bueno o malo, la actriz Sharon Stone publicó un comentario., preguntando, "¿Puedo decir que te ves bien porque lo haces?," con un emoji de fuego. El comentario ...

‘Basic Instinctdirector denies Sharon Stone’s claim that she was tricked into showing nudity in film

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"My memory is radically different from Sharon’s memory," Verhoeven told Variety in an interview published Wednesday. "That does not stand in the way and has nothing to do with the wonderful way that she portrayed Cat...

"The Talk" de Sharon Osbourne’ reemplazo, Jerry O'Connell, al unirse al programa en medio del drama: "Hubo un trauma’

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O'Connell es el primer coanfitrión masculino en unirse al programa junto a Sheryl Underwood., Elaine Welteroth, Amanda Kloots y Carrie Ann Inaba. Su participación en el programa se anunció en julio meses después de que Osbourne se fuera. ...

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