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Ed Sheeran says American award shows are ‘filled with resentment and hatred

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The English singer-songwriter didn’t mince his words about his disdain for US award shows in an interview following the 2021 MTV VMAs where he performed this weekend. "The room is filled with resentment and hatred to...

Ed Sheeran took Taylor Swift to a pub and no one noticed

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Two Grammy-winning artists walk into a bar and ... apparently they just drank. That's according to Ed Sheeran, who says he took his friend Taylor Swift to a pub and no one noticed. Sheeran, who was a nominee and per...

Ed Sheeran is dropping a new album in October

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Ed Sheeran has announced his fourth studio album, saying it is the "best bit of work that I've done." The British singer-songwriter confirmed on Thursday that "=" (pronounced "equals") will be unveiled on October 2...

Ed Sheeran keeps pulling the same prank on Courteney Cox

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Courteney Cox may want to rethink letting her pal Ed Sheeran crash at her Los Angeles pad. Sheeran revealed during an appearance on "The Late Late Show with James Corden" this week that he has repeatedly played the...

Superstar musician Ed Sheeran to sponsor boyhood club Ipswich Town

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His music sales add up to an eye-watering number, his recent worldwide tour multiplied in size wherever it went, and he rarely divides opinion (we all love him). Already an award-winning musician and record-breaking...

Ed Sheeran releases new song ‘Afterglow

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Ed Sheeran fans, rejoice! The singer released a new song, "Afterglow" Maandag. It's his first new music since welcoming his first child in August. In it he sings, "We were love drunk waiting on a miracle/Trying to...