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$2 million worth of marijuana was found in a Florida storage facility, and the sheriff’s office wrote a Facebook post looking for the rightful owner

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The Brevard County Sheriff's Office in Florida is looking to reunite $ 2 million worth of marijuana with its rightful owner, according to a snarky post on the department's Facebook page. "If you happened to have lo...

1 dood, 5 wounded in shooting at Ohio vigil, balju se kantoor sê

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A woman driving by a vigil for a shooting victim was fatally shot in the head Saturday evening, and five others were wounded, according to the Franklin County Sheriff's Office in Ohio. The incident happened Saturday...

12 female employees allege sex discrimination by Alabama sheriff’s office in DOJ lawsuit

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The Department of Justice has filed a lawsuit against the Mobile County Sheriff's Office in Alabama and Mobile County Sheriff Sam Cochran over allegations of sex discrimination from 12 current and former female corr...

2 killed in plane crash near Golden Gate Bridge, balju se kantoor sê

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A plane crash northwest of San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge on Friday afternoon killed two people, the Marin County Sheriff's Office said in a news release. Die vliegtuig -- identified as a fixed-wing, single-engine ...

275 sheriffs sign letter to Biden on border crisis: ‘Reckless effortto put politics before safety

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TEXAS SHERIFF WARNS BORDER CRISIS STRETCHING POLICE RESOURCES: 'WE CAN'T SERVE OUR CITIZENS' THE WAY WE NEED THOMAS HODGSON: The sheriffs across this country are mobilizing. We really have made this point several tim...

3 mense vermoor en 2 injured in shooting in Kenosha, balju se departement sê

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Three people were killed and two others injured with gunshot wounds in a shooting early Sunday morning at The Somers House Tavern in Kenosha County, Wisconsin, Kenosha County Sheriff's Department spokesperson Sgt. D ...

3 sheriff’s deputies shot and a motorist killed during exchange of gunfire in Kansas

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Three sheriff's deputies were shot Friday in Kansas after they exchanged gunfire with a motorist who authorities said pulled a gun on them. The driver was pronounced dead at the scene in Cowley County, and the thre...

4 teenagers among 8 people in airplane that crashed off North Carolina coast, balju se kantoor sê

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Four of the eight people on board an airplane that apparently crashed Sunday off the coast of North Carolina were teenagers, according to the Carteret County Sheriff's Office. The group was scheduled to return to Be...

5 injured in Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department helicopter crash

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Five people were injured when an aircraft operated by the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department crashed in San Gabriel Canyon Saturday evening, owerhede gesê. Five victims were airlifted to a hospital and one ...

A Black man was detained while jogging for fitting a suspect description and later offered a job with the sheriff’s department

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A Black man jogging in the predominantly white neighborhood of Deltona, Florida, last month found himself handcuffed and detained when police said he matched the description of a suspect in a nearby burglary. Video...

'N Afgevaardigde van 'n swart balju in Louisiana het polisiewreedheid en geïnstitusionaliseerde rassisme veroordeel. Toe sterf hy deur selfmoord

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'N Afgevaardigde van 'n balju van Louisiana is Maandag dood deur selfmoord nadat hy video's van homself opgeneem en op sosiale media opgeneem het waarin hy geïnstitusionaliseerde rassisme veroordeel en sy stryd as 'n swart wetstoepasser beskryf het..

A California sheriff’s deputy has died after being shot in the line of duty

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A 17-year- veteran of the San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department in California has died after being shot in the line of duty Monday, het die departement gesê. Sergeant Dominic Vaca, 43, was shot after pursuing a moto...

A California sheriff’s deputy has died and another is injured after they were shot during a standoff

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A sheriff's deputy was shot and killed and a second deputy was wounded during a standoff at a California home Sunday afternoon, owerhede gesê. "While reporting to a standoff here in Wasco, one of our brave Kern C...

'N Pa van Florida het sy baba na 'n adjunk gegooi na 'n vinnige jaagtog, balju se kantoor sê

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'N Man in Florida word met ernstige kindermishandeling en ander aanklagte in die gesig gestaar nadat hy sy baba na 'n adjunk geslinger het naby die einde van 'n vinnige jaagtog, het die balju van die Indian River County gesê. Die 32-jarige verdagte word gesien ...

A Florida sheriff’s deputy was killed by a suspect the week he was set to retire

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A Florida sheriff's deputy who was just one shift away from retirement was killed Monday by a suspect in a fatal car crash, Hillsboro County Sheriff Chad Chronister said during a press conference. Hillsboro County ...

'N Milisie-leier — ook 'n voormalige balju-adjunk — word skuldig bevind aan die bombardement van 'n Minnesota-moskee

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Die stigter van 'n terrorismilisie -- ook 'n voormalige adjunk van die balju in Illinois -- is skuldig bevind op aanklagte van haatmisdaad vir die bombardement van 'n Minnesota-moskee in 2017. 'N Federale jurie het Michael Hari vandeesweek skuldig bevind aan sy ...

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