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Claressa Shields to make MMA debut with PFL on June 10

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Shields will fight Brittney Elkin on June 10, the promotion told The Associated Press on Wednesday. The bout in Atlantic City, New Jersey, will be the beginning of Shields' daunting quest to add MMA titles to her box...

Scathing watchdog report reveals Capitol Police had expired ammo and ineffective shields during riot

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A scathing report by the US Capitol Police watchdog obtained by CNN reveals that there were even more law enforcement failures prior to January 6 than previously known, including new details about expired ammunition...

Brooke Shields says she broke her leg and is learning how to walk again

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Brooke Shields is staying positive after breaking her leg. The former supermodel shared a video on Instagram of herself walking through the hospital on crutches. Shields did not say how she got hurt. "Broke my femur...

Mark Shields, political analyst on PBS ‘NewsHour,’ is stepping down after 33 years with the network

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New York (CNN Besigheid)Mark Shields, a regular analyst on the PBS "NewsHour" program for the past 33 jare, is stepping down from his weekly television perch this Friday. His semi-retirement -- he will still appear o...