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Jamie Foxx rises again as dad, the vampire hunter, in Netflix’s dreary ‘Day Shift

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"Day Shift" is about vampires, but it's one of those Frankenstein-like movies stitched together from used parts, with Jamie Foxx as a family man version of Marvel's Blade, mashed up with horror and buddy comedy. It'...

CPAC Texas: Hoëprofiel Spaanse konserwatiewes bespreek gemeenskap se politieke verskuiwing, sê hulle 'word wakker’

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In onlangse jare, Hispanics en lede van Latino-gemeenskappe regoor Amerika het grootliks Demokrate gestem, maar dit blyk dat 'n verskuiwing in steun van die Demokratiese Party na die Republikeinse Party moontlik kan plaasvind as 'n skeiding..

‘Duck Dynasty’ stars shift from hunting ducks to hunting treasure in new Fox Nation series

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The series debut, set to air at 10 nm. Sunday on the Fox News Channel, explores the art of excavation as brothers Jase and Jep Robertson bring out their metal detectors and dig to discover exciting new things with t...

Biden blasted for continuing to shift blame, refusing to take responsibility for crises

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Oor die naweek, Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg rebuffed claims the administration could substantively act to bring Americans some relief, remarking that there isn't a "dial in the Oval Office" to adjust ga...

Hier is hoe herverdeling stemkrag kan inskuif 5 state op pad na stembusse

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Elke 10 jare, state herteken die grense van hul kongresdistrikte om nuwe bevolkingstellings van die sensus te weerspieël. Verken CNN se interaktiewe ontleding van hoe pogings in die volgende state herbeperk word..

An important shift in Ukraineand the US hopes more weapons will help

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'N Weergawe van hierdie verhaal verskyn in CNN se What Matters nuusbrief. Om dit in u inkassie te kry, teken gratis hier in. The war in Ukraine may be entering a new and critical stage with a fresh focus by Russia's militar...

Neptune just experienced an unexplained temperature shift

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The most distant planet in our solar system has presented a new mystery. Astronomers observing Neptune for the past 17 years with multiple ground-based telescopes tracked a surprising drop in the ice giant's global...

It’s too soon to say Putin has given up on capturing Kyiv, despite strategy shift, Western officials warn

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Russian President Vladimir Putin has not necessarily given up on trying to capture the Ukrainian capital city of Kyiv, even as Russia has shifted its focus in recent days to southern and eastern Ukraine, volgens t ...

US intel assess ‘majorstrategy shift by Russia as it moves some forces away from Kyiv

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Russia is beginning to withdraw some forces from the area around the Ukrainian capital city of Kyiv in what the US assesses as a major strategy shift by Moscow, two senior US officials tell CNN. The Russian forces n...

Despite rising crime, Dems had little incentive to shift from ‘white racismnarrative until now: kenner

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"It's about power. And the Democratic Party gets a lot of mileage out of blaming problems in the Black community on White people. And Black activists, that's how they stay relevant, it's how they raise money — by bla...

Jeep, Ram and Dodge getting new ‘Hurricanestraight-6 engine despite EV shift

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Stellantis has revealed an all-new inline-six-cylinder engine family that is launching this year as a more fuel efficient alternative to its thirsty V8s. Die sogenaamde "Orkaan" engines will be offered across the J...

Los Angeles mayoral race shows shift in policing debate in heavily Democratic city

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In his first foray on the Los Angeles mayoral race's debate stage Tuesday night, billionaire developer Rick Caruso came out swinging as he tests whether a frustrated electorate in this heavily Democratic city will e...

Tough to maintain healthy food habits? Shift to these weekly goals

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Sign up for CNN's Eat, Maar beter: Mediterranean Style. Our eight-part guide shows you a delicious expert-backed eating lifestyle that will boost your health for life. Going 100% vegan, cutting carbs or attempting t...

With a history of cyberattacks, will Russia shift its vengeance to the United States?

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Fox Nation’s "Rusland: The Cyber Threat," hosted by Kelly O'Grady, details the dark side of cyber crimes and reveals how just "a few highly calculated lines of code could cripple the infrastructure of an entire nation...

Two Chicago police officers shot on overnight shift while ordering at a hot dog stand

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Two Chicago police officers were shot while waiting to order food after a man who was waiting in line allegedly fired at them, het die owerhede Vrydag gesê. Chicago Police Superintendent David Brown said the two offic...

Texas early voting data suggests Hispanic vote shift to the GOP continues

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A report from the political consulting company Ryan Data & Research shows that Republicans are 76% of the way to matching 2018 turnout in Cameron County, Texas along the southern border with Mexico with eight day...

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