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Alex Rodriguez ‘shockedby Jennifer Lopez, Ben Affleck reunion following split: reporte

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Not too long after Lopez, 51, and the former MLB pro, 45, split and called off their engagement, the superstar was spotted hanging out with Affleck in Los Angeles. The exes' alleged multiple reunions haven't been con...

Las Vegas cafe owner says he and his employees are ‘shockedby renewed mask mandate

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"I'm not sure what's happening," Pierro said on Sunday. "I thought the whole idea of getting vaccinated is it prevents us from having to wear a mask. All the signs out there tell me it's not heading in the right dire...

Local restaurant in Cleveland is shocked when a customer leaves a $3,000 tip

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A local restaurant in Cleveland received a holiday surprise as it was voluntarily closing due to the increase of Covid-19 cases in Ohio. Brendon Ring, who owns staple local establishment Nighttown, told CNN that he...

Wisconsin man shocked to discover a brain washed up on the beach

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A Wisconsin man strolling along the beach was stunned after discovering an animal brain wrapped in aluminum foil that had washed up on the shore. James Senda was hunting for sea glass Tuesday at Samuel Myers Park in...

London police shocked by rare fatal shooting of officer

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London A police officer in London died after being shot in the early hours of Friday by a man who was being detained, in a rare fatal shooting of a UK police officer. The incident occurred in the early hours of Frida...

Congresswoman-elect shocked by Republicans calling her ‘Breonnabecause of her Breonna Taylor mask

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Washington Congresswoman-elect Cori Bush said Monday evening she was stunned and "daño" when some Republicans addressed her as "Breonna" during new member orientation at the Capitol because she was wearing a mask wit...

Alemanes conmocionados por el asesinato de un cajero después de la fila de máscaras de Covid

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Los políticos alemanes expresaron su conmoción el martes por el asesinato de un trabajador de una estación de servicio de 20 años después de una discusión sobre una mascarilla y dijeron que los negadores del coronavirus que estén dispuestos a usar la violencia no serán tolerados..

How House Republicans shocked the political world

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The biggest surprise of the 2020 election wasn't Donald Trump's likely loss to Joe Biden or even Senate Republicans' seeming ability to keep their majority intact. It was that House Republicans, facing predictions f...

'El cantante enmascarado’ unmasks Baby and the judges are shocked

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Not one of the judges guessed the true identity of the Baby on Wednesday night's episode of "El cantante enmascarado." Drumroll please ... It was none other than funny man, Larry the Cable Guy, whose real name is Daniel W...

China ‘shocked’ over WHO plan for second phase of COVID origins study

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Zeng Yixin, the vice minister of China’s National Health Commission, said the decision was not based on science and reiterated the claim that the virus was "naturally generated." Reuters reported that China refused t...

La modelo de traje de baño de SI Haley Kalil dice que la gente está impactada por su título en ciencias: "Se trata de cambiar la narrativa"

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La nativa de Minnesota hizo su debut en Sports Illustrated Swimsuit en 2018 después de participar en el primer casting abierto de la franquicia. Fue nombrada co-ganadora junto a Camille Kostek. Este año, ella está de vuelta...

Tejanos’ Justin Reid ‘shockedby healthy scratch ahead of loss to Jets

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Reports before the game indicated that Reid would be a healthy scratch for violating team rules but the third-year starter told FOX26 Houston that he was told it was over a "disagreement" during a team meeting earlie...

Florida mother of two receives notice to get vaccinated or face eviction: I was ‘very shocked

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"There was no loophole, no working with me, no extensions and I literally had to walk away," said Jasmine Irby, saying she was concerned about having an eviction on her record if she could not get the shot in time. "...

Lee Greenwood ‘shockedfor being replaced on arts council by Biden administration

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A Georgia woman was shocked to find at least 100,000 bees in her home — por segunda vez

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A Georgia woman was shocked to find a swarm of at least 100,000 bees living in her house -- por segunda vez. Lisa Ohrmundt has been living in her home in Decatur for 14 años, and in that time she told CNN she ...

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