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Biden’s executive order on police reform weakens police against school shooters: Stefano Miller

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BIDEN POLICE ORDER 'IS EMBRACING' PARTS OF GOP REFORM BILL DEMS FILIBUSTERED IN 2020, TIM SCOTT SAYS MILLER: The Biden administration is effectively run by Marxist revolutionaries. … Every day they show up to work as...

Texas mass shooting: FBI profiler says mass shooters show ‘risk factors,’ calls police delay ‘concerning

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"With the shooter, some of the early terminology calling him ‘mentally ill’ or [detto] his behavior was driven by mental illness can be misleading because they aren’t always mentally ill," she said of mass shooters....

6 people injured after multiple shooters fire 87 shots in Philadelphia, dice la polizia

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Six people were injured after multiple shooters fired 87 shots during an incident in a Philadelphia neighborhood, ha detto la polizia. The exact number of shooters has not been determined. Polizia, who did not provide detail...

Criminal charges against Michigan school shooter’s parents justified

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If ever there was a case that merited criminal charges against the parents of a school shooter, questo è. Their conduct, as described by prosecutors, is the definition of recklessness and carelessness resulting in ...

Uno di 2019 Colorado STEM school shooters is sentenced to life without parole

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One of the two Colorado STEM school shooters was sentenced to mandatory life in prison without the possibility of parole on Friday. Devon Erickson, poi 18, and Alec McKinney, 16, entered STEM School Highlands Ranch...

Race against time: Inside ATF’s efforts to find shooters before they strike again

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Gunfire in broad daylight along a busy street in the nation's capital last month sent bystanders running. "The guns were shooting all over," one eyewitness told CNN's Jim Acosta. "It sounded like a war zone." solo...

A 9-year-old girl was killed and 2 boys wounded in back-to-back shootings in North Carolina. Police are now hunting for the shooters

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A search for shooters is underway in North Carolina after a 9-year-old girl was killed and two boys wounded Monday evening in two drive-by shootings that unfolded minutes and blocks apart, the Statesville Police Dep...