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School shootings in the US reached a 20-year high in 2021, federal data shows

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Durante 2020-2021 anno scolastico, c'erano 93 school shootings in the United States -- a high not seen in 20 anni, according to federal data cited in a report by the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES...

Biden signs gun control bill in wake of deadly mass shootings: ‘Lives will be saved

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"Time is of the essence. Lives will be saved," Biden said in an address to the nation. "From Columbine to Sandy Hook to Charleston, Orlando, Las Vegas, Parkland, Passo, Atlanta, Buffalo, Uvalde and for the shooting...

Weekend crime wave: Dozens wounded in major city bloodshed as Chicago, New York City, DC report mass shootings

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Baltimora, Chicago, D.C. and the Big Apple were among the places where mass shootings were reported over the extended holiday weekend, which spanned from Friday through Monday in observance of Juneteenth. C'erano ...

E Crenshaw: It is difficult to legislate away ‘extremely rare and anomalous eventslike mass shootings

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DAN CRENSHAW: It's really hard to find a common thread through all of these people… I think most of these mass shooters do not have a father in the home. There is drug use, credo, I need to look at each case specif...

March for Our Lives rallies push for gun control after mass shootings

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After a wave of even more mass shootings in recent weeks, including in Uvalde, Texas, and Buffalo, New York, protesters are calling for lawmakers to take action – and they're not the only ones. Di sabato, Presidente...

Senate bill pushes unused COVID money to securing schools in wake of mass shootings

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Suo. Roger Marshall, R-Kan., has partnered with Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, Suo. Rick Scott, R-Fla., Suo. Tim Scott, R-S.C., Suo. Thom Tillis, R-N.C., Suo. Steve Daines, R-Mont, e Sen. Todd Young, Scorza., in pushi...

House votes to set minimum age of 21 for buying semi-automatic weapons in response to spate of shootings

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The legislation passed 223-204, mostly along party lines. It has little chance of clearing the Senate as it pursues negotiations focused on improving mental health programs, bolstering school security and enhancing b...

America’s heartbreak: Here are some of the victims and stories of recent shootings that Congress may spotlight

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Parents of victims and a survivor of the recent mass shootings in Buffalo, New York, and Uvalde, Texas, will speak at a hearing held by the US House Oversight Committee on Wednesday about the gun violence epidemic. ...

Rick Scott sui modi per prevenire le sparatorie a scuola: 'Ogni genitore’ ha bisogno di essere coinvolto

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Scott ha detto a Fox News Digital che poco dopo la sparatoria di Parkland è andata via 17 persone morte, la seconda sparatoria di massa durante il suo mandato dopo l'attacco al nightclub Pulse, ha subito incontrato una serie di espe...

Three people killed in Virginia city beset by rash of shootings

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Three people were killed and one is in critical condition after a shooting Tuesday morning in southeastern Virginia, according to the Portsmouth Police Department. The shooting was the second of the day and the 12th...

Scalise blasts Dems for rushing to call for gun control after shootings, blames liberal DAs for rising crime

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"Bene, John, the best way forward is first of all, when you have a shooting, instead of sitting down and going okay, what is really causing this?" Scalise said to "Fox News domenica" host John Roberts. "Why do we see t...

Jesse Watters: A Biden non interessano le sparatorie di massa nei centri urbani americani

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JESSE WATTERS: Quello di cui non ci aspettiamo di sentire molto stasera è la violenza nei centri urbani americani. La maggior parte delle sparatorie di massa che hanno avuto luogo - le sparatorie di massa sono definite come sparatorie in cui quattro o più persone..

House Judiciary Committee approves wide-ranging gun control legislation in wake of mass shootings

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The House Judiciary Committee on Thursday approved a wide-ranging package of gun control legislation called the "Protecting Our Kids Act," as lawmakers face intense pressure to act in the wake of recent mass shootin...

Esclusivo: Gov. Ron DeSantis to veto $35 Million Tampa Bay Rays facility amid polarization of shootings

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DeSantis’s decision is in response to the Rays politicizing recent shootings in Buffalo and Uvalde ahead of a matchup with the Yankees in May. Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis speaks during a press conference at t...

Bolstering school safety plans may not be enough to stop school shootings like Uvalde

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Educators across the country are scrutinizing security plans to see what more they can do to protect students after the killing of 21 people — including 19 bambini -- in one of the deadliest school shootings in Ame...

The View co-host blames ‘Christian nationalismfor mass shootings

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"It’s part of the Christian nationalism, this rise in violent Christian nationalism, that we have seen, which is also disturbing. They use biblical principles, they pervert them to justify this," Setmayer said. "Di...