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DNC member tells CNN Biden shouldn’t run in 2024, says voters are looking for ‘change candidate

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CNN's Erin Burnett noted that Simeonidis is a supporter of President Biden but asked why he doesn't believe the president should run for reelection. The member of the DNC praised the president's actions on ghost guns...

Why you shouldn’t believe this latest Donald Trump promise

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Donald Trump made a promise on Monday. "I think Twitter is going down," he wrote on his Truth Social social media platform. "Bots, Spam, Fake Accounts (en meer!), all add up to big trouble but the biggest trouble ...

Haley says US shouldn’t attend major WHO meeting if Taiwan excluded due to Chinese pressure

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The World Health Assembly, which serves as the decision-making body of the WHO, is set to take place on May 22. but Taiwan is typically excluded from a number of U.N.-related events due to Beijing not recognizing it ...

Anyone who wants to ‘winon Roe shouldn’t want this leaked: Yoo

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JOHN YOO: The Supreme Court has been around for 230 jare. It has decided many of the most important cases in our history. This is the first time an opinion has ever leaked from the Supreme Court. So, ja, the justic...

Symone Sanders slams Dems ‘whisperingabout Biden in 2024: If he shouldn’t run, ‘put your name on that quote

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Sanders, whose show just launched on the Peacock network after leaving the Biden administration as Vice President Harris' top spokesperson, appeared on Monday's episode of The New York Times' "Sway" podcast, where sh...

NBC News opinion scoffs at the idea justices shouldn’t be harassed outside their homes: ‘Double standard’

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Berlatsky’s take was that they aren’t really being threatened and, even if they were, it’s nothing compared to the "monstrous abuses" they’re inflicting on the populace by dismantling Roe v Wade. The author began his...

Biden says Ukrainians shouldn’t enter the US through southern border

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President Joe Biden said Ukrainians fleeing violence don't need to try and enter the United States through the southern border because they now have access to a special visa system. "We have made a direct means by w...

US shouldn’t reward Putin ‘with acquiescence and weakness’: Former GOP lawmaker

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"It is very sickening to us to see what is happening," he told host Mark Levin. "Because if you go back and look at history and World War II, if we had to stop [the German dictator] early on … when he took over Czech...

Republicans shouldn’t disarm in war over Supreme Court confirmations

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Aside from moderate Senators Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowski, and Mitt Romney, most Republicans will vote "geen." Though Jackson is, by any reasonable standard qualified by experience, intelligence, and character for th...

Iran nuclear talks: Biden shouldn’t turn a blind eye to terrorism to secure deal

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Such a move would severely hamper the United States’ efforts to counter Iranian terrorism around the world – even if the White House keeps other terrorism sanctions in place. I would know. I led the Trump administrat...

Biden asserts people like Putin ‘shouldn’t be ruling countries,’ but US policy is not regime change

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Biden was asked by several reporters at the White House Monday to address his comment, "For God’s sake, this man cannot remain in power," made at the conclusion of a Saturday speech in front of the Royal Castle in Wa...

Maher rejects liberal ‘Don’t Say Gayuproar over Florida bill: Maybe young kids shouldn’t think about sex

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"I guess it's a reaction to Republicans who feel that there's too much talk in lower grades -- I think it's only, they're talking about kindergarten to third grade – so we're talking about very young kids who, you kn...

Former Russian minister says Putin is ‘rational,’ West shouldn’t ‘limit Ukraine support over nuclear fear

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"The Kremlin knows it can try to extract concessions, whether from Ukraine or the West, by saber-rattling its last remaining card in the deck: nuclear weapons," Andrei Kozyrev wrote. "The ultimate conclusion here is ...

Reality star Yara Zaya, born in Ukraine, condemns Russia invasion: ‘War shouldn’t exist in 2022

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Die "90 Dag verloofde" ster, wie is 27, lives in Covingon, Louisiana. She's lived in the United States for two and a half years and was just weeks away from visiting her native country and bringing along her 18-month-ol...

Shaq rips COVID vaccine mandates: ‘You shouldn’t be forced to take something you don’t want

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O'Neal, the Basketball Hall of Famer who won NBA championships with the Los Angeles Lakers and Miami Heat during his career, encouraged his listeners on "The Big Podcast with Shaq" aan "be safe and "take care of your ...

Sy. Marco Rubio: NBC behoort nie voordeel te trek uit Olimpiese Spele in Beijing nie

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NBC behoort nie voordeel te trek uit Olimpiese Spele in Beijing nie. MARCO RUBIO: "NBC behoort nie voordeel te trek uit Olimpiese Spele in Beijing nie. Kyk, NBC behoort nie voordeel te trek uit Olimpiese Spele in Beijing nie.

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