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L'uomo della Florida accusato di aver stuprato la donna che consegna la pizza è finito 70 arresti: 'Avrei dovuto essere in prigione’

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Osvaldo Figueroa, 55, "picchiato sessualmente [la donna] in ascensore" domenica in un complesso di appartamenti in Lepic Lane nella contea di Osceola, Lo sceriffo della contea di Osceola, Marco Lopez, ha detto ai giornalisti durante una conferenza stampa martedì ...

Tom Brady says Bucsfan ‘lost all of his leverageafter handing back 600th TD ball: ‘He should’ve held it

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Durante un'apparizione su "Calcio del lunedì sera" simulcast with brothers Peyton and Eli Manning, Brady said there were "a lot of negotiations" to get the ball back but noted that Kennedy "should’ve held it" a little l...

Navy SEAL who killed bin Laden recalls his time in Afghanistan: ‘We should’ve been out of there’ anni fa

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"It’s one of those places Afghanistan, where if you haven’t been there, you wouldn’t believe people," Rob O'Neill said. " intendo, some of these people, not only do they not know how old they are, they don’t know what...

Cuomo nursing home order did cause more deaths, should’ve been reversed sooner: task force

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The 242-page report by the NYSBA’s Task Force on Nursing Homes and Long-Term Care also blasts Cuomo for not reversing the Department of Health’s "unreasonable" mandate sooner than he did, saying it remained in effect...

TikTok user Kate Haralson booted from Raya after viral callout of Matthew Perry: ‘I should’ve expected it’

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The now-20-year-old said in an interview with Page Six that she "should have expected" the permaban was coming but that she feels "fine about it" visto come lei "never really used" the elite dating app "anymore anyway...