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Deroy Murdock: Voters shout at Democrats and their message is ‘no, no, no’

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From the White House to school boards across America, voters on Tuesday shouted, "No!" to far-left public policy. NEWT GINGRICH: WHAT GOP VICTORIES IN VIRGINIA AND BEYOND TELL US ABOUT THE FUTURE They screamed at D...

Aggie yell leader reminds fans not to shout vulgar language

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Head Yell Leader Memo Salinas sent out a university-wide email afterwards reminding students and fans alike to exhibit "Core Values" at the games. "Texas A&M is a cut above the rest. As Aggies, we show and live o...

Scientists win award for giving an alligator helium and making it shout

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London A team of scientists who put an alligator in a helium-filled box and made it shout have won an Ig Nobel Prize, a prestigious(ish) award that commemorates the science world's more unorthodox experiments. The gr...