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Fort Jackson soldier arrested after a video showed him pushing and threatening a young Black man

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A US Army soldier stationed at Fort Jackson in South Carolina was arrested and charged with third-degree assault and battery after the airing of a video that authorities say shows him push and threaten a young Black...

DeSantis: '60 minuti’ showed contempt for viewers, they should admit vaccine story was false

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"They’ve issued a lot of mealy-mouthed statements since the episode aired, they knew what they were putting on the air was false," DeSantis said on "Volpe & Amici." DeSantis said CBS News producers talked to peop...

Florida firefighter is arrested after photo showed him pointing at a placard for Speaker Pelosi in US Capitol Building

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A Florida firefighter was arrested for unlawful entry of a restricted building and disorderly conduct on Capitol grounds, secondo gli atti giudiziari, after a photo surfaced of him wearing a Trump 2020 hat and poin...

500 le persone si sono presentate per un concerto in una discoteca dell'Ohio che ha sfidato le restrizioni COVID-19 locali, dicono le autorità

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Una discoteca a Columbus, Ohio, è stato temporaneamente chiuso ed è accusato di violazioni alla salute pubblica perché fino a 500 persone hanno assistito a un concerto intitolato da R&Il cantante B Trey Songz durante il fine settimana, autorità sa ...

60 anni fa oggi, 6-year-old Ruby Bridges walked to school and showed how even first graders can be trailblazers

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Sixty years ago, Ruby Bridges walked to school escorted by four federal marshals as a White mob hurled insults at her. Bridges, appena 6 years old on November 14, 1960, was set to begin first grade at William Frantz E...

A Wisconsin County cut funding to a domestic violence shelter that showed support for Black Lives Matter

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When Embrace, a Wisconsin-based domestic violence shelter, put up Black Lives Matter signs in its offices earlier this summer, employees expected it would prompt tough conversations from people in the community. Il...

'Parco Sud’ town showed up to watch the Denver Broncos game

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The Denver Broncos, like a handful of other NFL teams, are only allowing a limited number of fans to attend games in-person this season due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, but that didn't stop the franchise fro...