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‘SNL’ shows off Biden and Harrisvictory speeches and Trump’s ‘concessionspeech after the election

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ニューヨーク (CNNビジネス)In its first show since Joe Biden was projected as the winner of the 2020 選挙, "土曜日の夜のライブ" opened with Jim Carrey's Biden and Maya Rudolph's Kamala Harris sharing their victory s...

Dolly Parton says Kim Kardashian is ‘doing great sweetieas she shows off toned bikini body

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The 40-year-old reality star posed in a purple two-piece bikini on the front of a boat on a lake. "Don’t get too busy making a living that you forget to work on making a life," Kardashian wrote in the caption, quotin...

Japanese giant Gundam robot shows off its moves

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A giant robot based on a character from a classic anime series has undergone testing in the Japanese city of Yokohama. The massive humanoid resembles a robot from "Mobile Suit Gundam," a popular TV series from the l...

Lynyrd Skynyrd member Rickey Medlocke tests positive for COVID-19; band scraps upcoming 4 ショー

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A manager for the classic Southern rock band confirmed the news in a statement to Fox News on Saturday. "Due to unforeseen circumstances, Lynyrd Skynyrd is unable to perform the next four shows in Canton, OH, Jackson...

CNN, MSNBC primetime shows ignore breaking news of ex-Sen. Barbara Boxer being attacked, robbed in California

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The liberal media has been criticized recently for downplaying or ignoring a spike in violent crimes in America’s largest cities. Boxer being robbed appears to be the latest example, as CNN and MSNBC both ignored the...

Maryland Navy sailor enter business after being shot, chilling surveillance video shows

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Authorities said Fantahun Girma Woldesenbet, 38, a Navy Hospital Corpsman, began shooting a rifle at an office park before driving 10 minutes away to Fort Detrick, where he was killed by personnel. Moments after the ...

マンハッタンの食料品店の葉の外でのニューヨークの銃撃戦 3 傍観者が負傷, ビデオショー

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銃撃は直後に起こった 11 午後. オーデュボンアベニューのマルテ食料品店で. ワシントンハイツ地区, 警察は言った. 逮捕は行われていません. NYCコインランドリーシューティング: 10 負傷後 2 メンズオープンファイア, FLE ...

Hannity shows support for Cuba’s fight for freedom: ‘they should be living in paradise

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The Fox News host showed support for the nation's fight for freedom during his live town hall in Miami, arguing the Cuban people should be "living in paradise" but instead have to circumvent the restrictions set fort...

Adele shows off her silly side in birthday post for Nicole Richie

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The perfect birthday post doesn't exi... 上手, this one comes close. Adele posted a sweet belated birthday message on Instagram for her friend Nicole Richie that clearly represents the playful side of the two stars....


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Win or lose in eight days' time, President Donald Trump's lasting legacy on the Republican Party will be a shrinking base that looks less and less like the country. The number of voting-age white Americans without...


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その間, ランドリーは彼が言った "時間がなかった" 彼が婚約者を襲ったという主張から身を守るために. "私は彼女を押しのけた," 彼は警官に言います. "彼女は本当に元気になります, そして彼女がそうするとき、彼女はスイングし、彼女はh ...

Texas dashcam shows illegal immigrants pour out of smuggler’s car after pursuit

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The dashcam footage from the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) shows a state trooper chasing after a human smuggler in Del Rio. GOVS. DESANTIS AND ABBOTT, IN BORDER VISIT, WARN MIGRANT CRISIS RIPPLES EFFECT ON ...


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の場合 2020 今日選挙が行われた, ドナルド・トランプ大統領は, せいぜい, A 1 に 5 元副大統領ジョー・バイデンを破るチャンス, 結果を予測する3つの主要なモデルによると. それ 21% chanc...

Video shows USPS mail being dumped in a California parking lot. A postal union says USPS employees weren’t involved

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Bags of mail were dumped in a parking lot in Glendale, カリフォルニア, 先週, according to surveillance footage obtained by CNN. The September 3 video shows a Budget rental vehicle backing into the lot of 7Q Spa Las...

海兵隊の獣医がアリゾナのガソリンスタンドで銃を振るう強盗容疑者を武装解除する, ビデオショー

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事件は周りに起こった 4:30 午前. シェブロンガソリンスタンドのコンビニエンスストア内, ユマ郡保安官事務所は言った. 95-1年前の第二次世界大戦のベテランがコルベットスティングレイの待機リストを盛り上げました。.


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38歳のHGTVスターは、白いビキニと黒いサングラス、それにマッチするジュエリーを身に着けていました。. Haackは、7月にオースティンを拠点とする不動産業者との関係を最初に発表しました。. ザ・ "フリップまたはフロップ" スターは最近shを言った。.

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