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Magic’s Devin Cannady out for the season after gruesome leg injury: ‘Sickening to see him go down like that

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Cannady, 24, successfully underwent surgery on Monday morning after sustaining an "open right ankle dislocation with a severe lateral ankle sprain" after landing awkwardly in the first quarter. OHIO BAR REFUSES TO S...

Liz Cheney calls Matt Gaetz allegations ‘sickeningbut stops short of calling for his resignation

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Washington Wyoming Rep. Liz Cheney, die Nee. 3 Huis Republikein, called allegations against Rep. Matt Gaetz "sickening" op Sondag, but stopped short of calling for the resignation of the Florida Republican, who's faci...

Cheney calls Gaetz allegations ‘sickening,’ stays mum on calls for resignation

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During an appearance Sunday on CBS News' "Face the Nation," Cheney, who represents Wisconsin and was the most high-profile House Republican to vote to impeach former President Donald Trump, was asked by host Margaret...

George W.. Bush spot met die inbreuk op die Amerikaanse Capitol as 'siek en hartverskeurend’

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Republikeinse voormalige president George W.. Bush het die oproeriges wat Woensdag die Huis- en Senaatsale van die Amerikaanse Capitol gedwing het, belaglik gemaak, die toneel bel "siek en hartverskeurend" in 'n puntige stat ...