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Larry Elder remains hopeful in California: ‘The lines are long; that’s good news for our side

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Elder, who rose to the top of the polls on the replacement question, ahead of other candidates including Republicans Kevin Faulconer and Caitlyn Jenner, dijo "Hannity" hay "no front where [Newsom] has done a goo...

Business owner reacts to sweeping vaccine mandate: Biden is ‘not on the sideof small businesses

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"I don’t think they’re [the Biden admin] on the small business side—I think they’re on someone else’s side," said Sharpness, C ª. President Jerry Akers Monday on "El enfoque de Faulkner." His comments come on the heels o...

‘RHOAalum NeNe Leakes says husband Gregg is ‘transitioning to the other sideamid cancer battle

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In footage obtained by It’s OnSite, Leakes, 53, is seen addressing customers who called her "rude" for not acknowledging a birthday in the crowd, leading the reality star to share her personal pain. "My husband is tr...

Gobernador. Kemp blasts Kamala Harrislies about Georgia voting law: ‘Truth is on our side

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SUPREME COURT UPHOLDS ARIZONA VOTER FRAUD PROTECTIONS GOV. BRIAN KEMP: We have the truth on our side. Now the vice president's lying like the president has been about Georgia's law. We actually add the amount of days...

Jeep vende Wranglers con el volante en la posición "incorrecta’ lado. Este es el por qué

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los 2021 Jeep Wrangler está disponible sin volante en absoluto ... al menos donde suele encontrar uno. los 2021 Jeep Wrangler RHD tiene un precio de $ 40,420. (todoterreno) El Wrangler RHD es un volante a la derecha..