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Inflation a ‘silent thief’: GOP Senate candidate David McCormick

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DAVID MCCORMICK: I think there's a great opportunity to bring our party together around an "America first" agenda that can go into November and beat John Fetterman. And the great news is, there's lots of independents...

Oregon Democrats silent on Molotov cocktail break-in attempt at Oregon pro-life office

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Oregon’s Democratic Gov. Kate Brown, Sy. Jeff Merkley and Sen. Ron Wyden all declined to respond to multiple requests for comment via phone and email from Fox News Digital regarding the firebomb attack on Sunday eve...

Piers Morgan dishes on Taliban interview, says ‘wokeUS corporations silent on misogynist Afghan rulers

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In clips from the interview, now streaming on Fox Nation, Morgan sparred with Shaheen over what he reported is a near-ban on girls in upper-grade levels. "The issue of secondary-school education for girls. They are u...

DOJ silent on abortion protests at justiceshomes despite federal law prohibiting ‘picketsto influence case

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The pro-abortion protestors are targeting the private homes of the six Republican-appointed justices after the leak last week of a draft opinion signaled the Supreme Court intends to overturn landmark abortion case R...

MSNBC silent as Joy Reid continues pattern of controversial and bizarre remarks

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Maandag, during an interview with failed New York City Mayoral candidate Maya Wiley, the MSNBC host made a comparison between Senate Republicans opposing Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson and past segrega...

Disney is ‘worse than silenton China’s Uyghur genocide: Sy. Katoen

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"Remember a couple years back, they actually thanked the government of Xinjiang province in China, where they are systematically trying to exterminate a religious and ethnic minority, putting millions of them in conc...

‘Silent majorityof Disney workers are speaking up against company’s stance on Florida law, cast member says

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"There is certainly pressure mounting within Disney," Castillo told Fox News Digital, voeg dit by "at some point I believe Disney executives will have to respond." Castillo previously told Fox News Digital that a "si...

Amazon union organizer slams AOC for going ‘radio silentuntil their victory: We don’t need her support now

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Amazon employees at the Staten Island facility voted in favor of unionizing last week, the first of its kind in the corporation's decades-long history. AOC GETS CALLED OUT BY PROGRESSIVE JOURNALIST FOR GOING TO THE ...

Disney employee encourages ‘silent majoritywho support Florida law to ‘stand up

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Jose Castillo told "Tucker Carlson Vanaand" the vast majority of Disney cast members – as their park employees are called – support Gov. Ron DeSantis' decision to sign the law, which prohibits classroom instruction o...

See the moment thousands go silent so a blind basketball player can hear her shot

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Juliana Hoogland, 17, is a student at Zeeland Public Schools in Zeeland, Michigan. She is blind and a basketball player. The school's zLinks program - a peer-to-peer program that participates in the Special Olympics ...

Troy Kotsur’s moving Oscar win brings audience to their feet with silent applause

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Troy Kotsur made history at the 2022 Oscars, becoming the first deaf performer to win an Academy Award in the best supporting actor category for his role in "CODA." His co-star in the film, Marlee Matlin, het die ...

The journalist who protested on Russian state TV says it was ‘impossible to stay silent

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Londen (CNN Besigheid)The Russian state television journalist who took a dramatic stand against President Vladimir Putin's war in Ukraine during a live broadcast says it was "impossible to stay silent" and that she wa...

Verslaggewer se notaboek: Once-lively Ukraine city turns nearly silent

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For many here in Ukraine, the world they once knew is gone. Millions have been forced from their homes, fleeing relentless Russian artillery that has left cities like Kharkiv and Mariupol in flames, apartment buildin...

Zelenskyy appeals to crowds via video at pro-Ukraine rallies across Europe: ‘Please don’t be silent

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"Come out and support Ukraine as much as you can," the media-savvy leader, a former actor who has captured the world's admiration for standing up to Russia as it continues to attack Ukraine, urged the crowds. Rallier...

Trump’s Mar-a-Lago documents could include confidential material; most Hillary critics silent

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Or his toilet practices. Na alles, the former president is under investigation in Washington, New York and Georgia for allegations ranging from improperly pressuring officials to stop the certification of Joe Biden’...

Regter beveel Oath Keepers-leier om in die tronk te bly hangende verhoor: Regter beveel Oath Keepers-leier om in die tronk te bly hangende verhoor’

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"Wel, Regter beveel Oath Keepers-leier om in die tronk te bly hangende verhoor, Regter beveel Oath Keepers-leier om in die tronk te bly hangende verhoor, Regter beveel Oath Keepers-leier om in die tronk te bly hangende verhoor. Regter beveel Oath Keepers-leier om in die tronk te bly hangende verhoor. Regter beveel Oath Keepers-leier om in die tronk te bly hangende verhoor.

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