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Jessica Simpson’s ex-husband Nick Lachey says he won’t ever read her memoir: ‘I lived it’

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los "Alter Ego" juez, 41, told Andy Cohen on SiriusXM’s "Radio Andy" that while he knew his ex-wife’s autobiography would be dropping, "you’ll be shocked to hear that I have not [read it] nor will I ever read it," h ...

'Los Simpsons’ se unirá a Loki para un nuevo corto

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Hurra, sinergia! Aprovechando el entusiasmo creado a partir de su "Simpsons"-"Guerra de las Galaxias" en equipo, Disney + anunció el miércoles que su próximo corto traerá al amado Loki al mundo animado de "Los Simpsons." El Marvel-t ...

Los Simpsons solitarios’ el escritor John Swartzwelder da la primera gran entrevista

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"Los Simpsons" El escritor John Swartzwelder finalmente está hablando de sus días escribiendo 59 episodios icónicos del programa. Swartzwelder, que tiene fama de ser muy reservado, trabajó en la serie animada entre 1989...

Los Simpsons solitarios’ El escritor revela cómo el programa logró sortear a los censores de la red con "Itchy & Chirriante’

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A pesar de su naturaleza reservada, Swartzwelder es una figura muy popular entre los intransigentes "Simpsons" fanáticos, ya que se le atribuye haber escrito cincuenta y nueve episodios de la comedia, más que cualquier otro escritor en la historia del programa..

Morrissey slams ‘The Simpsonsafter latest episode parodies him as a ‘huge racist

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Sunday's episode, noble "Panic On The Streets Of Springfield," sees 8-year-old Lisa Simpson become enamored by a British singer from the 1980s, voiced by guest star Benedict Cumberbatch with lyrics by "Flight of the...

John Cleese mocks Hank Azaria for apologizing about voicing Apu on ‘The Simpsons

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Azaria found himself at the heart of controversy in 2017 when a documentary sparked a conversation about him, a White person, voicing the Indian-American character Apu Nahasapeemapetilon on the show since 1989. The a...

'Los Simpsons’ actor Hank Azaria wants to apologize to ‘every single Indian personfor voicing Apu character

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The character, who runs the local Kwik-E-Mart in Springfield and was voiced by Azaria beginning in 1988, became the subject of controversy in 2017 when comedian Hari Kondabolu released the documentary "The Problem Wi...

'Los Simpsons’ seemed to get it right againby predicting part of the inauguration

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First things first: No, "Los Simpsons" cannot actually predict the future. Todavía, as the longest-running sitcom in US history, the timeless series often finds itself aligning with "life imitates art" moments that happ...

Alex Désert takes over for Hank Azaria voicing Carl on ‘The Simpsons

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Alex Désert has won rave reviews in his new role as Carl Carlson on "Los Simpsons." The long running popular Fox animated series debuted Sunday with its 32nd season and Désert voicing the character of Carl. The acto...