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Why Rep. James Clyburn is pushing to make ‘Lift Every Voice and Singthe US national hymn

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Hierdie jaar, Rep. James Clyburn (D-SC) is bringing some extra attention to "Lig elke stem op en sing" and sponsoring a bill that would make it the US national hymn. "My goal is to make a contribution to trying to bri...

Nasionale rugbyspelers sing Australië se nasionale volkslied in die inheemse taal vir die eerste keer

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National rugby players sang an Indigenous version of Australia's national anthem for the first time on Saturday, a move that won widespread praise and spurred calls to make it a permanent feature at Australian sport...

Bark, the herald angels sing: A ‘first-everChristmas song for dogs has been released

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Hearing the same holiday music over and over and over again, elke jaar, het, until now, been solely a human struggle. But now dogs can join in the fun. A song that claims to be the first-ever Christmas single des...

‘I Am Womangives Helen Reddy another moment to sing in the sunshine

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Helen Reddy might seem so 1970s, but her song "I Am Woman" became a feminist anthem of its time, and serves as the title and centerpiece of a reasonably good movie biography, if one that -- perhaps due to the nature...

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