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A skier was mauled by a bear in Alaska and rescued by helicopter

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A skier in Alaska was airlifted from the side of a mountain over the weekend after he was attacked and mauled by a brown bear. The victim was part of a group ascending a mountain during a backcountry ski outing near...

Uno sciatore è stato trovato morto dopo una valanga nel New Hampshire, dicono i funzionari

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Il corpo di uno sciatore è stato recuperato mercoledì dopo una valanga nel New Hampshire Ammonoosuc Ravine nella White Mountain National Forest, secondo il New Hampshire Fish and Game Department. Era il terzo ...

Rescuers are searching for a skier buried by an avalanche in Utah

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Rescue teams in Utah began searching Sunday for a skier who was buried by an avalanche Saturday. The skier was one of two who triggered the avalanche in the backcountry in an area known as Square Top outside of reso...