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I sistemi di tempesta si spostano nell'entroterra a ovest, cielo prevalentemente soleggiato in Georgia

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chiudi Video Titoli principali di Fox Business Flash per gennaio 5 I titoli principali di Fox Business Flash sono qui. Controlla cosa sta facendo clic su La costa occidentale rimane attiva questa settimana con diversi sistemi ...

US expected to formally withdraw from Open Skies Treaty that bolstered European security

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The US is expected to announce on Sunday that it will formally exit the decades-old Open Skies Treaty, some six months after President Donald Trump first announced the decision, according to multiple US officials. T ...

US to withdraw from Open Skies Treaty with Russia: funzionari

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close Video Pompeo announces suspension of Cold War-era nuclear treaty with Russia Former CIA station chief Daniel Hoffman says the U.S. is exposing Russia’s hypocrisy by suspending the INF nuclear treaty. Il ...

A man flying in a jetpack has been spotted again in the skies over Los Angeles

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An unidentified man was seen flying in a jetpack near the Los Angeles International Airport ... ancora. The man was spotted by a flight crew around 1:45 p.m. mercoledì, the Federal Aviation Administration confirmed ...

National Weather Service radar picks up huge bat colony in skies over Phoenix

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chiudi Video Fox News Flash principali titoli per settembre 21 I titoli principali di Fox News Flash sono qui. Controlla cosa sta facendo clic su The official start of fall may be Tuesday, but forecasters in Arizona r...

Green glowing ‘flying saucer’ spotted in skies over Liverpool

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close Video Fighter pilot’s UFO encounter was an 'act of war' Retired Cmdr. David Fravor spoke about his encounter with a UFO off San Diego’s coast 16 years ago in a podcast with MIT research scientist Lex Fridma...

49ers’ Kyle Shanahan on orange skies at practice: ‘It’s like an apocalyptic state out there

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close Video Troy Aikman on NFL kicking off 2020 season Hall of Fame quarterback Troy Aikman joins ‘Fox & Friends.’ San Francisco 49ers coach Kyle Shanahan was as bewildered as every other Bay Area resid...

Giants win 5th in row, top Mariners under smoke-filled skies

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close Video California sees its worst fire season on record, spreading to Washington, Oregon In Southern California the Santa Ana winds are kicking up causing more problems for crews trying to contain the flames;...