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‘Night Skyimagines the life of that sweet older couple next door with a sci-fi twist

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You know that pleasant older couple across the street, who mostly keep to themselves? What if they had a portal to another planet in their backyard? That's the out-there premise of "Night Sky," an Amazon series that...

Powerful ‘rivers in the skycould cause Antarctic Peninsula’s biggest ice shelf to collapse

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When temperatures in Antarctica soared to 38 degrees Celsius above normal -- rondom 70 Fahrenheit -- in Maart, a teetering ice shelf the size of Los Angeles collapsed. Scientists don't know what role the extreme tem...

Ukraine’s Zelenskyy addresses Canada’s parliament: ‘Please close the sky

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"Justin, can you imagine you and your children hearing all these severe explosions, the bombing of the airport, the bombing of the Ottawa airport?" Zelenskyy said, speaking to Canada's Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. ...

George Clooney probeer die mensdom red in die kil apokaliptiese drama 'The Midnight Sky’

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George Clooney neem sy grootste regisseurswaai nog met "Die Middernaglug," en kom met 'n besliste gemengde resultaat weg. 'N Buitengewone post-apokaliptiese riller, die sci-fi film bereik 'n redelike bevredigende ...

‘Big Skytakes a deadly detour into the dark side of the heartland

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"Big Sky" starts out feeling like another quirky drama -- a generation-later heir to David E. Kelley's "Picket Fences" -- before morphing into something much darker, which turns out to be pretty surprising and compe...